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Art Club Sponsership

Doing What’s Needed

Superstar Art Foundation dedicates to provide its member a good environment for them to continue the creative art business. With its business registered in Dallas Texas, the Superstar Art Club is now inviting 10 sponsers to share the club space and operation cost.  A fully furnished Art club house with 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms at 7,494 sqaure feet. 

The function of the Art Club: 1. Superstar Art Foundation headquarter office 2. Member Reception service 3. Artists training classroom and workshop 4. Art Gallary for exhibition, auction and art events.  Sponsership Plan:   USD500,000 / sponser.  ​

(Photos presented in this webpage are as reference only)

Art Club Sponser will: 
1. Become our co founding member to have their names and photo to be shown in the art club in Texas. 2. Have one bedroom free live-in service to the clubhouse by reservation. 3. Have 1/10 of the beneficiary rights of the property in trust of foundation.  4. Enjoy the professional property management service provided by Rockefeller. 5. Enjoy  membership benefits provided by foundation.