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Business Member Address Service

Business Member Address Service

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Business Member Address Service


Join our business member service plan, share our stunning city view office address for your business, save your office cost and take your business to the next level up!   



9:00AM-6:00PM MON-FRI 


Dallas Office Address: 

Suite 3100 Downtown Republic Center, 325 N Saint Paul Street, Dallas TX75201.


No need registration of your business in USA! 

From now on until August 30th, 2022

Business Address Service Fee as low as :  $200/year, afterward the price will be $500/year

Exclusively for Superstar Art Foundation business members!


Business Applicant submit: business registration license+signature person ID,address proof,

Individual Applicant submit:  passport or drivers license, address proof,


Member Service including:

1. Provide mailing address, under attention name of Superstar Art Foundation with your member ID number. 

2. We will forward to your recieving address according to your instruction.  Mail forwarding fee will be charged seperately.

3. We only recieve and forward documents mail for your, no package or perrish items.

4. We don't serve as your business representative or any associate to handle your business, calls or communication with your client for you.  unless there is a seperate coop agreement to be signed. 

5. Meeting room can be booked with additional charge.

5.  Business members will recieve our charity show and member networking information.


For more information please contact us at: 



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