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May Liu's Painting Store

May Liu's Painting Store

SKU : SAF20220011

May Liu's Painting Service: 

1.  Custom size canvas oil painting with frame ready to hang can be booked. Each creation in general takes 1week to creat before shipping. with collection certificate issued by Superstar Art Foundation.  Standard cavas size: 24“X18”,  $1000 per square foot.

2. A printed copy of existing painting with May Liu's original signature, with collection certificate issued by Superstar Art Foundation.  Standard print size: 24“X18”,  $200 per piece.

3. A high resolution digital copy of existing painting with stamp of Superstar Art Foundation. $50 per piece.

4. One to One Art Class:  "How Do I Recreat Famous Painting" $500/section (5 paintings)


The sales of the artwork will be donated to Superstar Art Foundation to support artist's dreams!

Please specify your request before you checkout. Feel free to consult with us at:, Tel/Whatsapp: 509-270--1687


May Liu Profile


May Liu is an oil painting artist, award winner producer. Art & Humanity Consul of Imperial Order of Culture and Peace. President of Superstar Art Foundation, Founder of Miss Economic World. She has been invited to be Jury member of Film Finance Award in Cannes (2012) ,Vice Chair of US China International Film festival in Texas (2018), seen on many medias, such as: US Times,  NBC, CBS, FOX news. Her IMDB profile is:


Her painting experience started 10 years ago,  specialized in portrait.  She has done the recreation of many famous paintings, her paintings were collected by celebrities and royal families. Her painting "Roaring Tiger 2022" was minted to be the first NFT Artcoin that's launched in New York Times square LED screen in Jan 2022. Her book "2021 Artwork Collection" is published in Amazon.  Amazon book link:


May Liu has a broad skill of pencil sketch, water color, acrylic and oil painting. With talent of color mixing and detailed capture, she is specialized in portrait of human, animal, as well as abstract. she is creating her own style to put humanity and asian elements in her artworks.

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