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Royal "LIU" Art Coin

Royal "LIU" Art Coin

SKU : 20230006

This Royal "LIU“ Artcoin is issued by Superstar Art Foundation.   A perfect gift for your family, friends, and collectors! 


This Royal "LIU“ Artcoin will get NFT artwork as bonus.  You will need to attach the recieving address of your coinbase wallet when you make your order of the coin. 

The designer MAYLIU is the 73rd generation descendant of the Han Emperor Liu, Art & Humanity Consul of Noble Chivalry by Imperial Order of Peace and Culture. 


Royal "LIU" Art Coin gift set including:

- 999 pure Gold 1g minted Tiger Coin with   one piece (size: Diameter=4.0cm)

- A wood box with a set of proxy glass stand

- A printed collection certificate issued by Superstar Art Foundation

- A Golden Member Certificate

- An authentication certificate of the gold purity issued by National Center of Analysis and Testing for non-ferrous Metals & Electronic Materials

Gold coin with Global Limited version 1000 Pieces, for Royal Family "LIU" decendants and its followers only. 


Contact us at:  Tel/Whatsapp: +1-509-270-1687




皇家“劉”氏艺术币购买者将获得NFT作品作为奖励。 当您订购代币时,您需要附上您的 coinbase 钱包的接收地址接受贈品。




- 999 纯金 1 克铸造金币一件(尺寸:直径 = 4.0 厘米)

- 紅木盒一个,附有機玻璃架一套

- 由超星艺术基金会颁发的印刷版收藏证书

- 一张黄金会员證書

- 国家有色金属和电子材料分析测试中心出具的黄金纯度鉴定证书



联系我们 电话/Whatsapp:+1-509-270-1687

    2 000,00$Prix
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