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Acting Training Certificate Class (5 sessions)

Acting Training Certificate Class (5 sessions)

SKU: 20230022

Supertar Academy Acting Training Class is a training program to help artist to learn professional knowledge and self improve. Acting Training Applicants will recieving our training certificate once complet the 5 classes training on the subject chosen.  Please specify the subject of class for purchase when you checkout for your order.  Once we recieved your order, our class representative will contact you via email to set up class schedule with you. 


Coach Profile:
MAY LIU, President of the Superstar Art Foundation, has served as a producer of 7 films. She has been invited to serve as a judge for the Film Finance Award at the Cannes Film Festival and a judge and vice president of the 2018 Houston US-China Film Festival. She participated in the Hollywood movies "The Revenant" and "Escape from the Golden Cicada" 2" of financing and production work. The movie "Lost 24" directed and starred by her won the best actor and suspense film awards at more than 20 international film festivals including Cannes, New York, Hollywood, Rome, Milan, Dubai, and Tokyo. She  was once named "Pineer of the New Renaissance" by Forbes New York Magazine


1. Acting Skill Training:

Course name: Performance skills training
Course objectives:
1. Cultivate students’ performance skills and improve their acting level;
2. Cultivate students’ self-confidence and stage performance;
3. Cultivate students’ teamwork and communication skills.
class schedule:
Lesson One: Basic Acting Skills
Lesson 2: Characterization and Emotional Expression
Lesson 3: Stage Performance and Performance Techniques
Lesson 4: Performance Narration and Oral Expression
Lesson 5: Teamwork and Stage Performance


Time:  Sunday at 1:00pm central time.  Online and offline venue: Dallas

Age:   All ages, movie and acting lovers.  Language: English, Chinese

Price: $120/class (1 hour)          $500 for 5 classes with certificate

Benefits:  We will issue training certificate after the program and set up your profile for the future job opportunities. Talents will be recommended to job opportunities to perform or act in movie and shows. One to one live instruction to make sure you fully understand the class!


If you need any help, please feel free to contact our email:, or our class rep. Tel/Whatsapp: 509-270-1687


超星学院大师培训班是一个帮助艺人学习专业知识、自我提升的在线培训项目。 电影课程申请人完成所选主题的 5 个课程培训后,将收到我们的培训证书。 请在结账时注明购买的课程主题。 收到您的订单后,我们的课程代表将通过电子邮件与您联系,与您一起制定课程安排。


指導教練: MAY LIU,超星藝術基金會總裁,擔任7部電影製片人,曾獲邀擔任戛納電影節電影金融獎評委以及2018年休斯敦美中電影節評委和副主席, 參與好萊塢電影“荒野獵人”“金蟬脫殼2“的融資和製作工作。由她導演並主演的電影”迷失24“在戛納,紐約,好萊塢,羅馬,米蘭,迪拜,東京等二十多個國際性電影節獲得最佳演員和懸疑片獎項。曾被福布斯紐約雜志評爲 “新文藝復興的倡導者”。


第 2 课:人物塑造和情感表达


时间:中部时间周日下午 1:00, 在綫以及面授地點: 達拉斯

年龄:所有年龄段,电影和表演爱好者。 教學語言:英文,中文

好处:我们将在课程结束后颁发培训证书,并为您未来的工作机会建立个人资料。 人才将被推荐到在电影和节目中表演或表演的工作机会。 一对一现场指导,确保您完全理解课程!


如果您需要任何帮助,请随时联系我们的电子邮件,或我们的班级代表。 电话/Whatsapp:509-270-1687

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