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Miss Economic World Calendar 2022

Miss Economic World Calendar 2022

SKU: SAF20220003

Miss Economic World Calendar 2022

SKU: SAF20210011

Cover page: May Liu/Founder of Miss Economic World

January:  Ivana Savic (MEW2021 gold award)

Feburary: Myriam Adda(MEW2020 gold awad)

March: Joy Ogeyingbo (MEW2021 silver award)

April: Jennifer Chirola (MEW2020 silver award)

May: Nikolina Milak (MEW2021 coper award)

June: Precious Ogidi (MEW2021 coper award)

July: Dian Issa (MEW2020 top 10 ambassador)

August: Veronika Markova  (MEW2020 top 10 ambassador)

September: Lizi Kiladze  (MEW2021 top 10 ambassador)

Octobor: Mari Kiladze  (MEW2021 top 10 ambassador)

November: Stephanie Roussel  (MEW2020 top 10 ambassador)

December: Rimma Badun  (MEW2021 top 10 ambassador)


About this item

  • Year-Round Memories - Keep your most precious memories close by all year round with Miss Economic World calendar 2022!
  • 2022 Calendar - Organize the year and accomplish your goals with Miss Eocnomic World calendar for 2022 with your favorite Miss Economic World faces and most treasured happy memories. Add a personal touch to your work desktop with an office calendar that will inspire you to get things done or put a smile on your face when the deadlines are piling up.
  • The product is a digital file of Miss Economic World Calendar 2022
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