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Perfume July of St. Barth (France)

Perfume July of St. Barth (France)

SKU: SAF20220002

Perfume July of St. Barth (France)--MIRIFICA


No one can resist the spell of this supreme oriental elixir. We are all Mirifica , we are all different: this unisex perfume is the fulfillment of extraordinary, singular, unique personalities… those on which we turn in the street.

Oud is sometimes considered the new patchouli, it is actually much more than that. Its spiritual use is present in the oldest writings of mankind. The "  wood of the gods  ", native to the forests of Asia, has always been surrounded by a mystical aura. It is this aura that elevates Mirifica to the rank of rare and precious perfumes .

Both animal and woody, the exceptionally changing fragrance of the oud blends with rose and cedar wood, to make Mirifica a powerful and mysterious perfume that knows how to sublimate the parts of femininity and masculinity buried in each of us. .

Top notes: honey, rose, cedarwood
Heart notes: oud, patchouli, moss, cistus Base
notes: oud, amber, musk


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