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Superstar Club-Gold Member

Superstar Club-Gold Member

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Welcome to join Superstar Club Gold Card member network and Superstar Art foundation Family! We are grateful for your contribution and support to non profit organization!


Our mission is to encourage any form of art that contributes to the promotion of humanities, woman rights, children protection, animal protection, world peace, family love and care. Further more, We help artist to grow their expertise in the career and provide support to fund their projects through our non-profit programs.


Superstar Club Gold Card Membership:

Celebrities, investors, high net worth individuals, artists, philanthropyst, CEOs, medias, brands, that has passion in the art, and a warm heart ready to support humanity and help others to become successful in our foundation.  Membership fee is regarded as your donation to the foundation.


By joining Superstar Club Gold Card member, you can access all of our programs:

1. Superstar  Award nomination 

2. Miss Economic World nomination 

3. Superstar Academy

4. Superstar Museum

5. Superstar Shop 

6. Superstar TV888

7. Superstar Club Member event


Gold Member benefits:


2. Obtain the Superstar Club Gold Member Certificate (color printed)

3. Member profile in the Superstar metaverse Museum platform, artist to upload 10 NFTs max for a year.

4. Enjoy member shopping discount(5%-20%)

5. Participate in monthly business promotion and member networking activities.

6. Apply for the Superstar Award of the Year, Miss Economic World candidates, jury memember, ambassador, director position (needs qualification) participate member voting.

7. Regular superstar event newsletter: fashion shows, red carpet shows, art exhibitions, film festivals

8. A team of experts provides consultation on immigration, family assets management, corporate financing services and investment advisory services.

9. Custom-made 1 gram 999 pure Gold Superstar artcoin, with NFT valued 1.5ETH.

10. Gold member business address service for one year.(Dallas downtown).

欢迎加入超星会金卡会员网络和超星艺术基金会大家庭! 我们感谢您对非营利组织的贡献和支持!


我们的使命是鼓励任何有助于促进人文、妇女权利、儿童保护、动物保护、世界和平、家庭关爱的艺术形式。 此外,我们帮助艺术家发展他们在职业生涯中的专业知识,并通过我们的非营利计划为他们的项目提供资金支持。



名人、投资者、高净值人士、艺术家、慈善家、首席执行官、媒体、品牌,他们对艺术充满热情,并有一颗热心准备支持人类并帮助他人在我们的基金会取得成功。 会员费被视为您对基金会的捐赠。




2. 世界经济小姐提名



5. 超星店

6. 超星TV888

7. 超星俱乐部会员活动




2. 获得超星俱乐部金卡会员证(彩印)

3. 超星元宇宙博物馆平台会员资料,艺术家一年最多上传10个NFT。



6. 申请年度超星奖、世界经济小姐候选人、评委、形象大使、理事职位(需具备资格)参与会员投票。

7. 定期超星活动简报:时装秀、红毯秀、艺术展、电影节

8. 专家团队提供移民咨询、家族资产管理、企业融资服务和投资咨询服务。



  • Gold Member Application Form

    1. Membership card is color printedl valid for One year.

    2. Please include below "application form"  messages when checkout. You can paste to "add note" in your shopping cart. After we recieved your applicant information and your payment, we will issue a Member Certificate to you.


    Application Form



    Applicant Name:


    Award/Professional License obtained: 

    Photo link (facebook,etc):


    Choose the following program you want to apply to join:

    Superstar Academy/Miss Economic World/Online shop /May We Talk show/Superstar Museum/Superstar Award Sponsership

    How do you know us: (give a referral person's name if any)


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