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Event Calendar (September 2022)

We are happy to introduce our September and coming event schedule as followed, please save the dates and sign up with us if you are interested:


Sept 16th Friday 9:00am CT (every Friday)

"May We Talk" Interview Show (online)

This week topic: What has Queen Elizabeth left to the world?

Join our discussion at the Link:

Sept. 20th Tuesday

Miss Economic World 2022 Final Top 3 Winners Vote (online)

Support our humanity fund of helping Ukraine, help us to determine the final winners!

Sept 30th Due date

We are taking Superstar Award online Application until Sept 30th

Sign up Link:


Sept. 27th Tuesday 1:30pm

Dallas Art Show & CEO Networking

This week topic: Reveal the secret of Mona Lisa (Recreation experience sharing) /NFT museum

Sign up link:


December 16th, Friday 2022

Superstar Award Gala ($100 by Sept 30th -$200 by Dec 1st)

Sign up Link:

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