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Invitation of “Lost In 24” Movie Premier in Hollywood, CA 09/24/2023

Updated: Sep 19

We are inviting you to join the premier of movie "Lost In 24" will be held in Hollywood LA! This will be the third movie premier event after our screening event in Cannes and Dallas .

“Lost In 24” Movie Premier in Hollywood

Screening Time: Sunday, September 24th , 7:00pm -9:00pm

Screening Venue: The Hudson Guild Theater, LA.

Address: 6539 Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood, CA,

Driving Direction: on the North side of Santa Monica Blvd at the corner of Hudson Ave. at the gateway to Theatre Row Hollywood.

Please reserve your tickets by using the link below:

"Lost in 24“ is recently selected by Hollywood Gold Awards as best actress Silver Award winner. The movie will be screened together with other award winner's movies from Hollywood Gold Awards festival. We are looking forward to spend a wonderful movie with you in our coming event in LA!

Independent movie "Lost in 24" has won multiple awards and honors during film festivals competition, including:

-Winner of "Silver Award-Actress" in Hollywood Gold Awards 2023;

- Winner of “Best Indie Narrative Short” in 8 & Half Film Awards 2023;

- Winner of "Best Mystery" , "Best Actress" in Rome International Movie Awards 2023.

- Finalist winner in New York International Film awards 2023;

- Finalist winner of "Best First Time Female Director" "Best Thriller Short" "Best Women Short" in Independent Shorts Awards 2023;

-Semi Finalist in Dallas Movie Awards Festival 2023;

-Semi Finalist in Austin International Art Festival 2023;

- Semi Finalist in Hong Kong Indie Film Festival 2023;

- Official Selection in LA Independent Women Film Awards

- Official Selection in World Cine Fest 2023

- Official Selection in Paris Film Awards 2023

- Official Selection in iHollywood Film Fest 2023

- Official Selection in Red Movie Awards 2023

Check IMDB link, learn more about this movie:

May Liu, as director and cast in this movie, when accepting the interview from Hollywood Gold Awards, she said:

" The biggest challenge of being an actor is to constantly reinvent yourself and bring authenticity to every role, ensuring that your emotions and expressions resonate with the audience. For a director, it's the ability to translate a vision into a cohesive and engaging film while managing a diverse team of professionals. Screenwriters face the challenge of crafting compelling stories that captivate and connect with viewers, often dealing with writer's block and the pressure to deliver fresh narratives."

When she was asked about who's the first artist that let her understand she wanted to be an Actress and Director, she said:

"As a young aspiring actress and director, watching Sir Anthony Hopkins in <The Silence of the Lambs>made me realize the transformative power of storytelling and the art of performance. His portrayal of Hannibal Lecter left an indelible impression on me and inspired my journey in the world of film..."

Read more about director May Liu's interview at Hollywood Gold Awards:

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