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“Lost In 24” Premiere Dallas

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Movie Premiere <Lost In 24> hosted in Dallas 09/03/2023

On 09/03/2023, in the afternoon, the movie premiere of "Lost In 24" was successfully hosted at the Dallas Richardson Inspire Studio.

The premiere was organized by the Superstar Art Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Dallas. It was jointly hosted by Nancy Lei, the former President of the Chinese Artists Association, and Jason Chou, a performing artist.

"Lost In 24" is a movie about human trafficking that was featured during the Cannes Film Festival. It won the Best Mystery and Best Actress awards at the Rome International Movie Awards. May Liu, the president of the Superstar Art Foundation, who is also the director and actress of the movie, introduced the production crew and shared her thoughts on why she produced this movie. She stated, "I didn't make this movie for profit, I did what I should do as a filmmaker. Today, we are here not to celebrate my own success, but to listen to the voice of humanity and spread awareness about this human trafficking crime so that action can be taken to stop it."

The premiere lasted for two hours, with approximately 100 people in attendance. The participants showed great interest in the movie's topic of discussion.

The premiere also introduced the upcoming events and Superstar award nominations, including the Miss Economic World nominees from Dallas, Anita and Sophia.

Photographs by James Cook and Dong Bo Ling.