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Event: Miss Economic World 2020 Championship

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Who We Are?

Superstar Art Foundation is a non-profit public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3) in the United States. It is formed by artists and art supporters. In Superstar-art-Foundation, our mission is to encourage any form of art that contributes to the promotion of humanities, woman rights, children protection, animal protection, world peace, family love and care. Further more, We help artist to grow their expertise in the career and provide support to fund their projects through our non-profit programs.

(Website: )

What is Miss Economic World?

Miss Economic World is not just a Pageant, it is a connection to the world influence people. It is a culture Olympics among all countries. Giving recognition of Youth woman artists to endorse the world economy. Miss Economic World championship is organized by Superstar Art Foundation. Our Final award is Superstar Contribution Award—“Miss Economic Award”

Superstar Contribution Award

"Superstar Contribution Award" is to recognize the artists who support non profit business in the contribution of their artwork. This award is initiated by Superstar Art Foundation. Winner of the award will be announced in May each year.

"Superstar Contribution Award 2019" was issued at Superstar Gala Cannes at Villa Oxygene on May 20th 2019. With supporting partner of Jackson's family foundation and Mandela’s family Foundation. 2019 Superstar Contribution Award were issued to: philanthropist Richard Nilson, movie brand "Tony Stark", The voice of Monacco-Alan Landry. ( )

How to join as Candidate step by step?

1. Send us your photo profile CV and video profile to our email: for registration. Refer to the page:

2. Join our facebook group @SuperstarArtFoundation,

3. All Candiates MUST join our candidate's facebook group and subscribe our social media for voting.

For championship notice and communication:

Facebook group:

For nominee video profile voting:

Superstar TV:

3. Share our official post link of your profile at your social media and in all our groups for the votes,

4. Invite friends to join our Superstar Gala for the final award voting.

How to join as Jury Member step by step?

1. Click the link to join as our VIP member:

2. Jury member must be artist or art supporter with certain social influence, that are willing to help to promote our event and candidates.

3. Send us your photo profile CV and video profile to our email: for registration.

4. Join our facebook group @SuperstarArtFoundation, @MissEconomicWorld, subscribe SuperstarTV at Youtube, follow our webpage: to keep track of all candidates.

5. Share our official post link of all candidates, and collect votes for your supported candidate, you’re your “like” or “comment” for the votes at the candidate profile post, share it at your social media and in all our group.

6. Jury member can be promoted in our Superstar TV with their video profile.

7. Jury member can be invited to join our final Superstar Gala at member discount.

Who to Win?

As “Superstar Contribution Award” encourages the highest influence in the social media and dollar support for the winners, we strive for the economic income for the candidates to monetize your network, our Award Score System as below:

A) Social Influence contribution:

1 "view" =1 point

1 "like" =1 point

1 "comment" =2 points