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“No Racism No Violence”---Invitation for Artwork creation

To: All members of the Superstar Art Foundation and all supporters of philanthropy Organization,

As we have experienced so much suffering from Covid 19 and the humanity challenge globally in the past year, On the occasion of One year anniversary of Superstar Art Foundation, we invite global artists to join the creation of artworks with the theme of "No Racism, No Violence". The creative form is not limit to video/design/painting/photograph/music work. We hope to express to the world with our artworks that artist has a common desire for world peace and respect equal human rights. Participating works will be displayed in the Foundation's official website and public media. We will select excellent artworks into SAF’s annual publication as member contribution. We will issue the Superstar contribution award certificate to outstanding creators, and conduct exclusive interviews with outstanding creators.

All participants are invited to submit The artwork files, professional resume and contact information, please submit artworks to email:, marked "submission", the deadline for the collection of artworks is June 20, and the selection and display time is June 30th.

Thanks to all artists and philanthropists for your support!

Media alliance cooperation:,

征集主题为“反对种族歧视,反对暴力” 的艺术作品


鉴于在过去的一年全世界发生的新冠疫情以及目前我们所面临的种族歧视和人道主义挑战,我们超星艺术基金会作为美国注册非盈利组织,籍此成立一周年之际,向全球艺术家征集主题为“No Racism, No Violence” 的艺术作品,创作形式不限,(视频/设计/绘画/音乐作品),我们希望以艺术作品表达全球艺术家对于世界和平以及尊重人权的人类共同愿望。

参加作品将以公益形式在基金会官方媒体进行发布展示,并且作为基金会年度刊物出版发行,我们将对优秀创作者颁发超星贡献奖荣誉证书,并对优秀创作者进行专访,请所有参加者提交作品文件以及专业简历和联系方式,投稿作品发送至邮箱, 标注“投稿”,作品征集截止时间6月20日,评选及展示时间6月30日。



We are pleased to announce #Superstar #Art #Foundation one year Anniversary! We invite all artists to join our #anniversary #contribution, please see details at video link:

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