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Superstar Awards 2023 Jury Team Announcement

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Superstar Awards, an esteemed recognition that celebrates outstanding talent and achievements in the world of arts and entertainment. As an internationally renowned accolade, the Superstar Awards shine a spotlight on individuals who have demonstrated unparalleled skill, creativity, and dedication in their respective fields, as well as their non profit contribution to the society.

We are proudly to present 2023 Superstar Awards Jury team. The previous Superstar Award winners including Miss Economic World ambassadors, as well as selective talented artists, philanthropists are as followed:

Sir Earl Toon (USA) , Gloria Moncibais (USA) , Juan H Tamenne (Monaco), Jennifer Chirola (Canada),Joy Ogeyingbo (Nigeria) , Ivana Savic (Serbia) , Lara Serôdio (Portugal), LiudmylAlain Zirah (France), Alan Landry (Monaco), Corazon Ugalde Yellen (United Kingdom), Daisuke Tarutani (Japan), FRANCK ALAGNA(France), a Tkachenko (USA), Rimma Badun (Ukraine),Ogidi Precious(Nigeria), Stephanie Roussel (United Kingdom), Myriam Adda (France) , Nikolina Milak (Croatia), Rachanaa Jain (United Kingdom), Richard Nilson (France), Ryam Mansour (France), Gao Qiang (China), Jackson Wang (China), Tony Stark (France), Anna Khachatryan (USA), Melissa Mahler (USA), Valerie Browne (USA).

We also give our warm welcome to our new ambassador members:

Emmanuel Stantzos (Greece), Jason Chou (Dallas TX), Season Ji (USA), Edvard Vondra (Japan), Sasha Waseem (HK China), Kate Morgan (USA), Jean Michel (Australia), Jin Long Lu (Korea), Chris C. Yu (USA), Curtis Ross (USA), Mirka Howard (Italy), Dian Issa (Kenya), Victoria Zhong (China), Stephen Lee(USA), Wang XueXin (Houston TX), Yan Jing(Dallas TX), Zhang Jing (Dallas TX).

We are updating our award news constantly, Please stay tuned!

For Award nominee application rules please refer to our website:

Application Deadline: 10/10/2023 (extended)

Sign Up Website:

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