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Superstar Gala Cannes 2023

Superstar Gala Cannes 2023

SKU: SAF20230010

We invite you to have a wonderful experience in Cannes Film Festival!


Superstar Art Foundation is inviting you to join our wonderful event during 76th Cannes Film Festival in May:


❑  Superstar Gala 2023 Cannes (05/22 /2023)


1. Superstar Awards nomination:Best Red carpet style, best film (trailer), best new artist, best performance, best NFTaward. 

2. Miss Economic World Fashion Show

3. "Lost In 24" movie premeire 

4. Classic Lux car show

5. Royal membership network, Drinks & Happy hour


Other Service upon request: 

❑ Access to the Film market place during Cannes FIlm Festivals  (05/16-05/27)

❑Access Private Party during film festival

❑ Access to the red carpet movie premier during Cannes FIlm Festivals (05/16-05/27)

❑Press Release, Interviews

❑Formula car race Monaco

❑Red Carpet Photographing service

❑ Luxury car rental


Important note:

Ticket Price:  Euro 200/ Person

Superstar Gala Cannes 2023 Brand Sponsership:  Euro 3,000 /show

Superstar Gala Cannes 2023 Title Sponsership:  Euro 5,000 /show  (exclusive)


Sign up Miss Economic World 2023 to join fashion show in Cannes:

requirement: (minimum 3 year modeling experience)

Rules for model participants:


Sign up Superstar Awards for your talent,  your film trailer, and artwork to show in Cannes:

Rules for nominees:


Sign up to Join our membership and get ticket to Superstar Gala 2023 Cannes at discount!


Note: the above service and events are NOT FREE ADMISSION, price showing is not a final price for the above service and events.  please consult with our representative for the service or the event price for your request to join the film festival, after making your order here. 


Inquiry for sponsership and tickets please contact us at:

Tel/Whatsapp:  +1-509-270-1687 (USA)


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