Anna Khachatryan Photograph Creation

Anna Khachatryan Photograph Creation

SKU: SAF20200001

Anna Khachatryan (Creative Director | Photographer)
Anna's passion lies in her chosen subject of photo art. Her photography works have captured the attention of several Armenian and international art and film critics. In 2016, a Solo Exhibition of Photography was held by Anna in Yerevan. In 2017. In 2018-2019 Anna has had exhibitions at Fremin Gallery and E.S.P Gallery in Chelsea, New York and during Art Basel in Miami..


Artwork List:

1. Lollipop Girl (27X38)

2. Mirror Image (27X38)

3. Star Girl (27X46)

4. The Cousin (27X38)

5. Owe Girls (27X38)

6. Devil's Work (27X38)


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