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Voice of "One Earth One Family"

Voice of "One Earth One Family"

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Event Name:Voice of "One Earth One Family"

Global Family Assets Forum & Superstar Award Gala (Dallas)


Date: [Nov. 19th, 2023]
Time: [1:00pm-9:00pm ]
Venue:Dallas Texas


Superstar Art Foundation

Royal Han Culture Family Office


Apricus Venue


The "One Earth, One Family" Family Assets & Heritage Forum is a unique and prestigious event that aims to bring together family offices, leaders of industries, family business owners, who share a common passion for world peace, and give love tom the comunity, preserving our culture and heritage. Unite with One Earth, One Family: Embrace diversity, foster harmony, and create a world where compassion knows no borders. Together, we shape a future where the bonds of our shared humanity transcend all differences.


1. Photographing at Reunion Tower (1:00pm-3:00pm):

We provide exciting experience to every guests to the Iconic building in Dallas--Reunion Tower, record the legacy with us speak for the voice of humanity" One Earth One Family", the photo will be used for the video production of our song  released at SuperstarTV888.  We will do lucky draw 15 free tickets for our guests. 

2.Family office Forum (3:00pm-5:00pm):

An insightful session where we invited top family office experts, fund managers, to discuss innovative strategies for managing and preserving family assets effectively.  An opportunity to explore billion dollar investment transactions to be closed at the forum in exciting sustainable industry, innovative tech, heritage and culture-related projects that resonate with your interests. Sincerely invited: Finance, education, insurance, medical care, real estate, law, taxation industries.

3. Superstar Award show (5: 00pm-7:00pm)

Superstar Award nominees and Miss Economic World will demonstrate exquisite art, culture and fashion from around the world, offering a visual journey through the rich tapestry of culture and heritage.

4. Superstar Award Gala Dinner (7:00pm-9:00pm):

A grand evening of celebration, where we will recognize and honor individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to the non profit and outstanding achievement in art, culture and heritage. The event sponsor of the forum will be issued with the Superstar Contribution Award, accepting media interview, which will be featured on 50+ major digital medias in USA.

Artists who join the Superstar Award nomination may visit website to sign up: The Superstar Awards winner's profile and artwork will be demonstrate in our website:

Exclusive Benefit from our event:
- You will get digital photo album from us for the event. our event news video link. a digital certificate of your participation of "the voice of One Earth One Family" event.
-we provide limited FREE tour to Reunion Tower with breathtaking 360 view of Dallas city.
- Road show project will have chance to get investment by prestige family office fund.
- we will select 3 supporters from our event to recieve the presidential volunteer honor signed by the president of United States.
-Total $100,000 value artcoin for project investment signer at event.
- our event news will be published in 50+ major digital media throughout USA.

- contact our committe members for the referral discount after you place the order. 

Event Ticket: $100/person;
(including admission of forum, show, award gala dinner, lucky draw)

Volunteer (pre approval 10 person): Free

(including admission of forum, show, award gala dinner, lucky draw)

Artist Nominees: $50/person

(including admission of forum, show, award gala dinner, lucky draw)


1. Award Gala Dinner Table: $3,000/10 person. $5000  gold sponsor (for 10 person at VIP table).

with Superstar Contribution Award certificate, logo, verbal introduction, 5 free tickets to Reunion Tower, event co-organizer name in all of our event news, including 50+ major internet medias.

2. Banner: $500/banner, with maximum 1 person dinner.
3. Product/service Show: $1000/brand, with maximum 2 person dinner.
4. Keynote Speaker: $500/person (5-10 minutes), with maximum 1 person dinner.
5. 50+ major media article interview+ Youtube video Interview: $1,800


���‍���‍���‍��� Join us in the cowboy city in Dallas, tast the texas steaks and win a free tour of iconic skyhigh building--Reunion Tower, by join our voice of humanity "One earth, one Family", write your humanity legacy with us together! ���‍���‍���‍���

We genuinely look forward to the pleasure of your company at the "One Earth, One Family" Family Assets & Heritage Forum. Together, let us promote world peace, better living environment and celebrate our shared cultural heritage and strive to give a better future for our next generations.


Your ticket purchase and sponsership fee are considered to be the support to non profit event for the voice of "One Earth, One Family", we will make video production of this event and the song to publish in SuperstarTV888 Youtube channel, follow us, join our humanity action now!


��� Register Today:

Please contact our ambassador representative for sponsorship package. Please specify the request of your order when you book ticket, inquiry:

Tel/whatsapp: +1-509-270-1687


(Disclaimer: The event explaination rights are at Superstar Art Foundation, the free tour prize is NOT sponsored by Reunion Tower. We keep rights to adjust the above terms and conditions without prior notice.)



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