How I Paint World Masterpiece

How I Paint World Masterpiece

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Book Name: How I Paint World Masterpiece

Author: May Liu


Author's words to Reader: 


This book is my tribute to the world great artists who left the precious heritage to influence the centries in the human culture history. It is also a door that opens for you to learn more about me. It is a book I want to tell you more than just how to paint, but also the understanding of the story behind the pictures you see.


The language of Art has no border of countries, no time limitation, because it interpretes the humanity, it is the expression of artist’s mind and soul. I am thrilled to have the chance to connect you with my heart and soul through my artwork and recreation of the great masterpiece in this world.


About author:


May Liu is an award winning artist, social influencer, film producer, screenwritter and financial advisor. She is the Founder of Miss Economic World Pageant , President of Superstar Art Foundation.  Jury member of Film Finance Award in Cannes in 2012,  Vice Chair of US China International Film festival in Texas in 2018.

She has been featured in many mainstream media in USA, such as Times Squares Screen, FOX, CBS, NBC news.


She has a broad skill of pencil sketch, water color, acrylic and oil painting. With talent of color mixing and detailed capture, she is specialized in human figure and animal portrait, she has created her own style to put humanity and asian elements in her artworks.


About the book

This book will be officially released in 10/10/2021.  Now we are accepting reservation!

The copyright of this book is donated to Superstar Art Foundation, all the sales income of this book will be donated to the foundation for non profit purpose.