Membership Card

Membership Card

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Welcome to join Superstar Art foundation Family! 


Our mission is to encourage any form of art that contributes to the promotion of humanities, woman rights, children protection, animal protection, world peace, family love and care. Further more, We help artist to grow their expertise in the career and provide support to fund their projects through our non-profit programs.



Artists or art enthusiasts, high net worth individual and institutional investor, that has passion in the art, and a warm heart ready to help others in our foundation.  Membership fee is regarded as your initial donation to the foundation.


Donors’ Obligation and rights:

  • Donor can  initiate or organize a donation activity in the foundation after our approval.

  • To choose to donate to a specific artist or art project as their wish with our platform.

  • A receipt of the donation will be sent upon request to the Donor for their tax exemption purpose.

  • Donor will be announced or promoted in our official website, unless  Donor prefer to be anonymous.  

  • According to donation size and background, Donor can be nominated as the advisory board or honored member. 

  • Superstar Contribution Award will be issued to the Donor with most amount or help he/she contributed in annual bases. 

  • Occasional online/offline event/road show/training will be held among Donors. 

  • Enjoy our personalized financial service through our professional team and partners.

  • Donor’s beneficiary rights can be transferred, changed, or revoked. 

  • Donor can enjoy member discount at our online shop or joining our event.

  • Artist donor are qualified to join Superstar Contribution Award nomination, his/her artwork will get promotional support through our social media or website of our foundation for one year.

  • Member Application Form

    1. Membership card is digital valid for One year.

    2. Please copy and fill in the below application format with your payment to the membership. You can paste to "add note" in your shopping cart. After we recieved your applicant information and your payment, we will issue a confirmation letter with Membership Number to you.


    Application Form



    Applicant Name:


    Award/Professional License obtained: 

    Photo link (facebook,etc):


    Choose the online program you intend to join us:

    Superstar Academy/Miss Economic World/ Online shop /May We Talk show

    How do you know us: (list your referal code if any)