"Miss Economic World" Championship

"Miss Economic World" Championship

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"Miss Economic World" Championship


 About "Miss Economic World"


"Miss Economic World" championship is not just a pageant, it is a connection with the most influential people in the modern economy!


"Miss Economic World" championship is initiated and organized by Superstar Art Foundation, a worldwide championship that gives recognition of woman who endorses economic world influence brought by different countries. "Miss Economic World" mission is to promote non profit business to get economic support for artists, to better achieve their dreams. Miss Economic World holds competition every year, competition starts in August, final award is issued in May next year.


Candidates qualification:

1. Female, aged 16-28,

2. No limitation of nationality

3. Winner or top rank from other international pageant, top models, rising stars from worldwide. 

4. At least 3 years model experience.


Candidate Sign-Up Instruction:

All Candidate shall email the professional profile to Superstar_c@163.com :

Your Email includes:

1. Model photos 2-4 pieces

2. Model CV:  Official name, age, nationality, body measurements, occupation, rank or award won before, facebook account, contact infomation.   

3. All Candiates MUST join our candidate's facebook group and subscribe our social media for voting. 

For championship notice and communication:

Facebook group:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/214242002816428/

For nominee video profile voting: 

Superstar TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbl-oclUuxsecruxQbi5Ctw?



Event Calendar: 

August 17th-19th, 2019                Superstar Gala news release in Newyork

August 20th-Sept 20th, 2019        Candidates registration and profile collecting

Sept.- Dec. 2019                          Top 10 online selection and TV show within United States.

Jan.-Mar. 2020                              Top 10 online selection and TV show among worldwide countries outside of USA.

May 20th, 2020                            Runway show for final winners of Award at Superstar Gala

                                                     Cannes, France


Top 10 Winners Benefits: 

1. Participate TV show of the championship.

2. Be recommended to brand endorsement opportunity.

3. Be recommended to movie casting opportunity.

4. "SuperstarCollections.com" and Top media exposure worldwide. 

5. Gift/Prize provided by Sponser.

6. Winner Certificate and Member benefits from Superstar Art Foundation.


Final 3 winners Benefit:

1."Superstar Contribution Award" winner Certificate

2. Title of "Ambassador" of Superstar Art Foundation for one year.

3. FREE Admission to Superstar Gala Show Award issuing in Cannes France in May 2020.

4. FREE Admission to Red Carpet Walk in Cannes Film Festival with Superstars. 

5. Participating TV show .

6. Be recommended to brand endorsement opportunity.

7. Be recommended to movie casting opportunity.

8. Top fashion and entertainment media exposure worldwide. 

9. Gift/Prize provided by Sponser.

10. Member benefits from Superstar Art Foundation.


Miss Economic World Jury member includes : 

- Senior government officer

- Celebrities

- Media 

- Sponser

- Superstar Art Foundation global members

Sign up for Jury Member, you are eligible to join Superstar Award Gala Cannes 2020!   

Jury Member Sign-up Link:  https://www.superstar-art-foundation.org/product-page/membership-card 


About Superstar Art Foundation

Superstar Art Foundation is a non-profit public charity under IRS section 501(c)(3) in the United States, with supporting partner Rockefeller Real Estate group, Bank of America.  In Superstar Art Foundation, our mission is to encourage any form of art that contributes to the promotion of humanities, woman rights, children protection, animal protection, world peace, family love and care. Further more, We help artist to grow their expertise in the career and provide support to fund their projects through our non profit programs.   “Superstar Contribution Award” is to recognize the artists who support non profit business in the contribution of their artwork. 


Superstar Gala Newyork 2019 News Release Link: 


Superstar Award Gala Cannes 2020 booking link:



Contact for candidate profile, event sponser, partnership, inquiry: 

Email: superstar_c@163.com

Website: www.superstar-art-foundation.org

Facebook: SuperstarArtFoundation 

Instram: superstar.collections/

Miss Economic World group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/214242002816428/

Superstar TV (youtube): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbl-oclUuxsecruxQbi5Ctw?