Superstar Award Gala 2021

Superstar Award Gala 2021

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Superstar Contribution Award 2021 Championship Invitation!

Are you an artist or art supporters? Do you want to be the next Superstar? Superstar Contribution Award 2021 championship is now open for you registration!

"Superstar Contribution Award" is to recognize the artists who support non profit business in the contribution of their artwork. This award is initiated by Superstar Art Foundation. Nomination of the award will start in May each year, the issuing of the award will be in May the next year.

Who we are?

Superstar Art Foundation is a non-profit public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3) in the United States. In Superstar-art-Foundation, our mission is to encourage any form of art that contributes to the promotion of humanities, woman rights, children protection, animal protection, world peace, family love and care. Further more, We help artist to grow their expertise in the career and provide support to fund their projects through our non-profit programs.

"Superstar Contribution Award 2019" was issued at Superstar Gala Cannes at Villa Oxygene on May 20th 2019. With supporting partner of Jackson's family foundation and Mandela’s family Foundation. 2019 Superstar Contribution Award were issued to: philanthropist Richard Nilson, movie brand "Tony Stark", The voice of Monacco-Alan Landry.

SCA Award 2019 news link:


How to join?

1. Book ticket online or register with us at:

By registration of a member you are eligible to join the Superstar Gala 2021 (May 20th,2021) for award issuing ceremony. Your member fee and ticket is your contribution to Superstar Art Foundation to support non-profit art business, and will be scored into the SCA award.

2. Post the recommendation of your favorate artist and artwork in Superstar Art Foundation group at Facebook:

Share our group link with your friends in your social media, invite your supporters to join the group and give you a "like" or "comment"

Note: All post content join the Award competition in our group must be the original upload of your artwork photo, music, or video, no links to third party website are preferred as we will only count the points within our group.


Who to win?

Superstar Contribution Award Score System:

Post contribution:

1 "like" =1 point

1 "comment" =2 points

Dollar contribution:

1 "member"/"Ticket" = 200 points

Posts that collects highest total scores in a competition year will be the winner of "Superstar Contribution Award" championship.

Winner of the award will:

1. Be announced by Superstar Art Foundation at its official website as well as in popular social medias worldwide.

2. Winner will get free entry to join Superstar Gala 2021  for the artwork show and award issuing, receive media interview, during Cannes Film Festival!


Your post in our group, sharing with social media, your member referral are all considered to be your contribution to our non profit business for Art support.


Join us now, Let's support Artists' Dream Together!


For Superstar Contribution Award 2021 Sponsership/Partnership please email to:



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    Full payment to be made at time of purchase. please fill in your member information while purchase. Each purchaser will get an entry code.