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Welcome to Superstar Art Foundation!

At the heart of the Superstar Art Foundation lies a collective of financial investors, media professionals, and passionate artists united by their unwavering dedication to nurturing art careers. We're a distinguished non-profit entity entirely dedicated to advancing charitable causes, holding the esteemed recognition of tax exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our operations are overseen meticulously by both the IRS and the State of Texas, where we are established under File Number 803285823.

With an openness to various forms of support, including cash, securities, and non-financial assets, we stand as a receptacle for contributions that resonate with the spirit of artistic generosity. The generous donations directed towards our foundation might offer the donor potential tax benefits during their lifetime, while also providing the added advantage of reducing the tax implications on their estate.

The core of our mission revolves around championing qualified charitable endeavors through grants and bespoke programs. Each year, we craft a comprehensive plan for allocating contributions to art projects infused with noble intentions. Additionally, we adhere to the responsibility of an excise tax on investment income, encompassing the net proceeds stemming from art sales. In joining us, you become an essential part of an artistic movement that propels creativity while embracing the realm of philanthropy.

What We Do