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Superstar Museum is  the world first metaverse museum. It is 7/24 hours exhibit  of  Artworks of Superstar award nominees, superstar shows, fashion and art shows,  it is also a 365-day exhibit of culture among countries and nations. In our  community artists can learn, showcase and look for funding in our platform with global icloud buyers. 


Superstar Club is the member service division of Superstar Art Foundation for artists and philanthropists.    We are connected to more than 100 worldwide galleries,  family offices, property developers, investors, medias that can coordinate with the venue of events and art shows  cater to artist's needs.   Superstar Art Foundation dedicates to provide good environment for  artists to create and exhibit artworks. We provide ART gallery management service and member network for luxury property owners, as well as organizing service of art show and networking event for our sponsors.

Join Superstar Club Global Partnership, Let's support Artist's Dream Together!

To be our global  partner, the property must include following functions:

1. Foundation regional office 2. Member Reception management service 3. Artists training classroom and workshop 4. Art Gallery for exhibition, auction and art events. 


Superstar Club Global Partner's Benefit:  
1. Become our award event sponsor or our co founding member to have their names and photo to be shown in the SUPERSTAR CLUB.  2. Have free live-in service to the clubhouse by reservation.

3. Have the beneficiary rights of the property in trust of foundation. 

4. Professional property management service and VIP member benefit provided by Foundation. 


We are inviting luxury property owners, brand, influencer and investor to join our Superstar Club network to become a supporter to artist.  Consult  our representative 

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MEMBER CERTIFICATE.pptx - WPS Office 2_21_2023 3_08_03 AM.png
MEMBER CERTIFICATE.pptx - WPS Office 2_21_2023 1_02_53 AM.png

Special Bonus:
Superstar Club members and Superstar Award nominees, volunteers  will have chance to receive award certificate signed by the President of United States (only for US citizen and permanent resident)


Superstar Award
2023 Invitation

  • Superstar Contribution Award
  • Best Red Carpet Style Award
  • Best Performance Award
  • Best New Artist Award
  • Best Film Award
  • Best NFT Award
Award Application Date:                                  05/01/2023---10/30/2023
Superstar Museum Exhibit Date:                09/30/2023--12/16/2023
Superstar Award Gala 2023                          12/15/2023
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Family Assets & Heritage Management Forum  11/19/2023
Las Vegas


2023  MissEconomicWorld
Top Runners Announcement

Superstar Award 2022 (New York Gala).pptx - WPS Office 12_31_2022 12_04_14 AM
SuperstarClub Membership presentation.pptx - WPS Office 8_19_2022 3_18_26 PM
SuperstarClub Membership presentation.pptx - WPS Office 8_19_2022 3_18_30 PM
SuperstarClub Membership presentation.pptx - WPS Office 8_19_2022 3_17_52 PM
SuperstarClub Membership presentation.pptx - WPS Office 8_19_2022 3_17_55 PM
Superstar BCG Gala held at Metropolitan Club New York 19_08_19 - WaveBrowser 8_25_2022 12_
Member Interview-SuperstarTV888
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