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2021 Superstar Award Winners Announcement

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

On Dec 18th, 2021, Superstar Art Foundation has hosted Superstar Award Gala 2021, co-organized with Americas Chamber for Business. The Award has been accomplished successfully online, this is a first virtual award gala event that Superstar Art Foundation has done since covid 19, after the first online pageant event of Miss Economic World in 2020.

The president of Superstar Art Foundation--May Liu has hosted the event, with co organizer Mr. Herb Moncibais--Chairman of Americas Chamber for business. co hosted by Mr. Sir Earl Toon, Grammy Award winning musician.

Global VIP members, media supporters, former Miss Economic World Winners, directors of Superstar Art Foundation, artists and philanthropist from different countries, members of Americas chamber for business has joined the nomination of Superstar Award 2021. All the participants made live networking and watched performance, witness the nomination and voting for Superstar Awards.

The performance in the Superstar Award gala show including:

  • "Singing Marilyn Monroe" NFT animation painting--Superstar Art Foundation

  • "This is All I want for Christmas"--Sir Earl Toon (USA)

  • "No Racism no violence" --Miss Economic World 2020

  • "Every one is Beautiful"--David Santo (USA)

  • "My First time sky diving"--Ivana Savic (Serbia)

  • "Support Artist, Endorse Economy"--Joy Ogyengbo (Nigeria)

  • "Smooth Criminal"--Jackson Wang (China)

  • "Bright Moon Shines Apricot Flower"--Gao Yu Mo (China)

  • "Fade Out lines"-- Ryam Mansour (France)

  • "Photography collection"--Elisa Guerra (Mexico)

  • "Fort Walton Beach" ---Elijah Taylor (USA)

  • "Flume"--Roh Hye Jun (Korea)

  • "Funiculi Funicula"--The Voice band (Korea)

Watch our wonderful show at SuperstarTV888 Youtube channel:

During 2021 Superstar Award Gala, president of Superstar has introduced the vision and mission of Superstar Art Foundation, the humanity involvement since founding, and give acknowledgement to all supporters of Miss Economic World and Superstar Art Foundation.

"Give a Kid a Coat" donation program is also supported during 2021 Superstar Award gala show. President of Superstar Art Foundation May Liu has presented the donation of Clothing and toys to support "Give a Kid a Coat" non profit program. Superstar Collections Design and July of st Barth has provided luck draw prize sponsorship.

Superstar Contribution Award is to give acknowledgement to artist and philanthropist with their outstanding contribution to humanity and non profit support. This Award is issued by Superstar Art Foundation annually.

The final award winners of 2021 Superstar Award are as followed:

2021 Superstar Contribution Award winner:

Sir Earl Toon

Mr Sir Eail Toon has brought his new song "This is all I want for Christmas" to share in the award show.

Gloria Moncibais

2021 Superstar Award Best Performance winner:

Jackson Wang

2021 Superstar Award Best Red Carpet Style winner:

Ryam Mansour

2021 Superstar Award Best New Artist winner:

Gao Yu Mo

Congratulations on the above winners! We also give our best wishes to all participants of our Superstar Award Gala 2021!

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