Miss Economic World 2020

Award Winner:  Miss Myriam Adda (France)

"Miss Economic World" championship is not just a pageant, it is a cultural olympic game among woman artists with dreams to endorse the world economy!  Join our momentum, show your influence and contribution to our economic world!
2019-2020 is a challenging year for all of us, we speak for the voice of humanity: 
"No Racism, No Violence!"

MEW 2020
Award Winners

Gold Award:  Myriam Adda (France)
Silver Award:  Jennifer Chirola (Canada)
Cooper Award:  Precious Ogidi (Nigeria)



If you have over 3 years model experience, age below 30, with a warm heart to help other people, have a dream of developing your career on an international stage, you are welcome to apply for Miss Economic World nominee for the Year 2021!

Miss Economic World 2021 Application Form

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