Miss Economic World 2021 

"Miss Economic World" championship is not just a pageant, it is a Cultural Olympic Game among woman artists with dreams to endorse the world economy!  Join our momentum, show your influence and contribution to our economic world!

MEW 2021
Award Winners

Gold Award:  Ivana Savic (Serbia)
Silver Award:  Joy Ogeyingbo (Nigeria)
Coper Award:  Nikolina Milak (Croatia)

MEW2021 TOP 10   

Ivana Savic 33,296
Joy Ogeyingbo 22,922
Nikolina Milak 18,635
Katarina Cvetkovic 5,963
Mirjana Lazic 3,704
Rimma Badun 2,702
Mina Kaia Skyler 2,291
Vlada Romadanova 1,975
Lizi Kiladze 1,953
Mari Kiladze 1,895

Contributed by: Miss Economic World 2020


If you have over 3 years model experience, age below 30, with a warm heart to help other people, have a dream of developing your career on an international stage, you are welcome to apply for Miss Economic World nominee for the Year 2021!

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