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Superstar Club--Noble Chivalry Royal Member

Superstar Club--Noble Chivalry Royal Member

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Welcome to join the Noble Chivalry Royal Member Network and the Super Star Art Foundation family! This membership is specially established for donor members of the Royal Han Palace Project. We appreciate your contribution and support to the non-profit organization and to the development of Royal Han culture!

Royal Han Palace is the world's first base of Royal Han culture in Dallas, integrating art museum galleries and experiential vacation villas. Project website:

The mission of the Superstar Art Foundation is to encourage any art form that helps promote humanity, women's rights, children's protection, animal protection, world peace, and family care. In addition, we help artists develop their expertise throughout their careers and provide financial support for their projects through our nonprofit program.


Noble Chivalry Royal Member

Noble Chivalry Royal Member is awarded to celebrities, high net worth individuals, brand sponsors, noble families, members of the royal family who are passionate about the arts and are ready to support our humanitarian and cultural arts projects to help more people achieve success in our foundation success. Membership fees are considered your donation to the Foundation.

By joining the Noble Chivalry Royal Member, you can access all our programs:

1. Superstar Award Nomination

2. Nomination for Miss Economic World

3. Superstar Academy

4. Superstar Museum

5. Superstar shop

6. Superstar TV888

7. Superstar Club Membership Activities


Noble Chivalry Royal Member benefits:

1. The CEO video interview hosted by the president of the foundation is broadcast on the SUPERSTAR TV888@YOUTUBE channel;

2. Obtain a lifetime Noble Chivalry Royal Member certificate (color printed cover), a pure gold Royal Member art coin (containing 1 gram of 999 gold), and the member will be invited to participate in the coronation celebration ceremony for the honor of Royal Knight membership.

3. As a donating member, your personal photo and name will be displayed in the  Royal Han Palace Museum.

4. Superstar shop online store brand sales service, enjoy member consumption and shopping discounts (5%-20%)

5. Join our global royal member networking activities.

6. Invited to be a nominee for the annual Superstar Award, Miss World Economy candidate, jury member, ambassador, director, board position (subject to qualifications) to participate in member voting.

7. Regular high-end event notifications:  top fashion shows, red carpet shows, art exhibitions, film festivals

8. Expert one-on-one consultation on immigration, family asset management, corporate financing and investment consulting services.

9. As our prestiged royal member, you have priority to enjoy the foundation’s business address services (Republic Building in Dallas or Rockefeller Plaza in New York).




超星艺术基金会的使命是鼓励任何有助于促进人文、妇女权利、儿童保护、动物保护、世界和平、家庭关爱的艺术形式。 此外,我们帮助艺术家发展他们在职业生涯中的专业知识,并通过我们的非营利计划为他们的项目提供资金支持。


超星皇家騎士会员资格授予名人、高净值个人、品牌赞助商、贵族家庭、皇室成员,他们对艺术充满热情,并准备好支持我們的人道主義和文化藝術項目帮助更多人在我们的基金会取得成功。 会员费被视为您对基金会的捐赠。


1. 超星奖提名

2. 世界经济小姐提名



5. 超星店


7. 超星俱乐部会员活动



1. 由基金會總裁主持的 CEO 视频采访在 SUPERSTAR TV888@YOUTUBE頻道播出; 

2. 获得終身皇家骑士会员证书(彩印封面),純金皇家会员藝術幣一件(含1克999金)一件,会员将获邀參加 皇家騎士會員荣誉的加冕慶祝仪式。


4. 超星网店品牌销售服务,享受会员消費及购物折扣(5%-20%)

5. 参与我們全球皇家会员的联谊活动。

6. 受邀成为年度超级明星奖提名人、世界经济小姐候选人、评委会成员、大使、董事、董事会职位(需符合资格)参与会员投票。

7. 定期高端活动通知:頂級时装秀、红毯秀、艺术展、电影节

8. 专家一对一咨询移民、家庭资产管理、企业融资和投资咨询服务。


  • Noble Chivalry Royal Member Application Form

    1. Noble Chivalry Royal Member certificate  is color printed。

    2. Please include below "application form"  messages when checkout. You can paste to "add note" in your shopping cart. After we recieved your applicant information and your payment, we will issue a Member Certificate to you.


    Application Form



    Applicant Name:


    Award/Professional License obtained: 

    Photo link (facebook,etc):


    Choose the following program you want to apply to join:

    Superstar Academy/Miss Economic World/Online shop /May We Talk show/Superstar Museum/Superstar Award Sponsership

    How do you know us: (give a referral person's name if any)


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