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News: Art Show & CEO Networking event (Dallas) 06-28-2022

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

On June 28th, 2022, Superstar Art Foundation has successfully hosted Art Show & CEO Networking event at its Republic Center office in Dallas!

In the event, president of SAF May Liu has presented 7 pieces of oil painting artworks including: “Roaring Tiger 2022” NFT Artcoin, “Marilyn Monroe“, “Breakfast at Tiffiny“, “China Dragon”, “Basketball Legend”, “Water Lily”, “The woman with Erma”.

Miss Economic World online competition with non profit mission of Helping Ukraine was also introduced in the artshow and being supported by attendees.

(photograph by: Samuel Hsu)

The Art show event has invited the VIP guests to present, including: Chairman of Americas Chamber For Business, Mr. Herb Moncibai; founder of Americas Chamber for business , Ms. Gloria Moncibais; Grammy Award winner musician MR. Sir Earl Toon; board member of director of China Art Culture Association, Samuel Hsu, Texas author and Poet Charles Johnson etc. Special Thanks to Kate Morgan, Jasmine Pierpoint and Regus colleagues to provide the help for the show.

Mr Herb Moncibais (Americas Chamber For Business) has introduced Opportunity Expo to be hold on Sept 22-23rd. This expo is going to be a tremendous business growth opportunity for everyone, especially in today's economy Promote employment opportunities in your company!(For more information visit link:

(photograph by: Samuel Hsu)

The Art show and CEO networking event is hosted in 31st floor of Republic Center, it is a mixed-use complex at 325N St. Paul Street in the city center district of downtown Dallas, Texas, was initially constructed as a 36-story Skyscraper for the headquarter of Republic National Bank, The complex is a prime example of mid century modern skyscraper design.

(photograph by: Samuel Hsu)

With mission of helping artists’ dreams, Superstar Art Foundation strive for providing excellent working environment and service to help our artists member become successful.

Contact us for member office address service and monthly event schedule. Book our next month Art show & CEO networking Event (07/26/2022) in Dallas at:

Tel/WhatsAp: +1-509-270-1687

Superstar Art Foundation


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