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Miss Economic World In 75th Cannes Film Festival

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Miss Economic World has accomplished its non profit mission and fashion show during the 75th Cannes Film Festival!

On May 22nd during film festival, May Liu, president of Superstar Art Foundation, has been invited to join the screening of a humanity thrill movie “Holy Spider” red carpet walk. As a filmmaker and the organizer of Miss Economic World, she thinks it is important for a filmmaker to produce more humanity movies and give more chance to young artists, she also express her wish to produce her own next movie to be screened in Cannes Film Festival as well.

Miss Economic World receive Decide.TV media Interview in #HotelMajestic #Cannes 05/23/2022

( May Liu, Photo By: Brice ANXIONNAZ, Dress By: Superstar.Collections.Design@instagram)

Miss Economic World previous winners and nominees have also participated red carpet fashion show, Global Short Film Award Gala, MEW photo shooting event during 75th Cannes Film Festival, they are: MissEconomicWorld 2020 gold ward winner--Miss Myriam Adda, MissEconomicWorld 2022 nominees including: Miss Stephanie Roussel (France), Miss Rimma Badun (Ukraine), Miss Miroslava Mirka (Italy), Miss Ingrida Ilgine (Ireland), they have arise great appreciation by the media and public for their stunning red carpet looks.

Miss Economic World photo shooting promotion event and media interview was conducted on May 23rd, venue provided by Hotel Majestic, dress provided by Superstar.Collections.Design, photo by: Yamina Otmane, Patrice Baspeyras.

( May Liu, Stephanie Roussel, Ingrida IIgine, Myriam Adda, Photo By: Yamina , Dress By: Superstar.Collections.Design@instagram)

( May Liu with #MissEconomicWorld 2022 nominees, Photo By:Patrice Baspeyras , Dress By: Superstar.Collections.Design@instagram)

(Ingrida IIgine, Stephanie Roussel, Rimma Badun, Photo By: Patrice Baspeyras , Dress By: Superstar.Collections.Design@instagram)

(Ingrida IIgine, Stephanie Roussel. Photo By: Patrice Baspeyras , Dress By: Superstar.Collections.Design@instagram)

(May Liu, Ingrida IIgine. Photo By: Patrice Baspeyras , Dress By: Superstar.Collections.Design@instagram)

The purpose of the promotion in Cannes Film Festival is to give our voice to world peace, and help with fund raising to help Ukraine for food and shelter, the fund raising event is organized by Superstar Art Foundation, the acceptance of grant application is due on 05/31/2022.

"Miss Economic World" championship is not just a beauty pageant, it is a Cultural Olympic Game among woman artists with dreams to endorse the world economy!  "Miss Economic World" is the first online pageant worldwide, for the woman artists and influencer to and contribution to our economic world!

Please give your support to our non profit mission of helping Ukraine at below donation link:

MEW founder May Liu & MEW2020 award winner Myriam Adda receive FilmAward TV Interview by Sasha Waseem in Hotel Majestic Cannes 05/23/2022

Miss Economic World 2022 nominee Stephanie Roussel & Ingrida IIgine on red carpet walk Cannes Film Festival

Miss Economic World 2022 nominee Rimma Badun on red carpet show Cannes Film Festival

Miss Economic World 2022 nominee Miroslava Mirka on red carpet show Cannes Film Festival

Miss Economic World 2022 Event Calendar:

May 1st- July 20th 2022:                Online voting;

June 20th-July 20th, 2022:             (A round) Voting & Interviews;

July 20th---August 20th, 2022:        (B round) Top 10 Selection;

August 20th--Sept 20th, 2022:        Final  Award Winner;

December 18th, 2022 (SUN):         Superstar Award Gala 2022

Please give likes vote to your favorable Miss Economic World stars at our Voting page:

The organizer of Miss Economic World and its brand holder is Superstar Art foundation. Superstar Art Foundation is founded by a group of financial investor, media, artists that have passion to support art career. Superstar Art foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Texas, it committed exclusively to charitable purposes and recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code USA. The mission of Superstar Art Foundation is to support artist’s dreams! It has non profit programs such as superstar academy, superstar museum, and superstar award programs to help artists to develop their career and gain more expertise, visit its website for more information:

Finally, Let's give our best wishes to the great success of Miss Economic World 2022!

Superstar Art Foundation


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