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Event: Superstar Art Foundation 2019 Cannes

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Superstar Art Foundation 2019 Cannes News

The 72th Cannes Film Festival attracts attention to the film and fashion artists from the worldwide. On May 20th, 2019, Superstar Art Foundation held Superstar Cannes Gala Ceremony for promoting its adventure of humanity at Villa Oxygen, Cannes. The adventure of humanity project was initially supported by Michael Jackson & Mandela’s family Foundation.

Villa Oxygene is the Legendary Culture Villa on the French Riviera, with several prominent celebrities as guests. Villa Oxygene has been hosting several of the world’s leading lifestyle brands like Playboy, Virgin, Lamborghini, Maybach, The Jackson Family, Unilever and many more. Superstars like Jean Paul Belmondo, Eva Longoria,The Jacksons, Ron Arad, David Ginola, Abidal, James Kottak, Wes Madiko and many more has been guests at Villa Oxygene.

Superstar-art-Foundation’s mission is to encourage any form of art that contributes to the promotion of humanities, woman rights, children protection, animal protection, world peace, family love and care. Furthermore, We help artist to grow their expertise in the career and provide support to fund their projects through our non-profit programs. Superstar art Foundation is managed by Skyforth fund management Ltd and Rockefeller real estate group.

The president of Superstar Art Foundation May Liu is an active international film producer and art financer. She was the jury member of Film Finance Award in Cannes 2010, Jury member of Miss United in China 2016, Miss Hua Xia in 2017. Vice chair of 2018 US China International Film festival in Texas. Award winning film screenwriter “Blooming Sister”,”Aegean Love”. As film producer she has involved in the movies: “Escape Plan 2”,“Shadow days’,”Fake Fiction”,”Inside out” etc. She has master degree in Finance in City University of NewYork, she has been doing financial service for over 10 years. “Our goal is to build a platform to help artists to achieve their dreams.” says Ms.May Liu, “ Artists who ever wants to join us must be ready to help others first.”

Obviously, her philosophy was agreed by many artists. Artists and art passionists from worldwide came to support Superstar Cannes Gala 2019. The event is sponsored by Villa Oxygene owner philanthropist Richard Nilson, with the presence of: Queen Latifa Farouk of Egypt, Priyanka Karky Famous Nepal actress) , Angelique Brando (Marlon Brando's daughter)etc. The event is hosted by the famous singer “the Voice of Monacco” ---Mr. Alan Landry, Grammy Award winning singer Wes Madiko from south africa, their performance at the Superstar Cannes Gala.

“Superstar Collections”jewelry designer EstelleDare, Fashion brand “Barbie girl” designer Venera Tabakin from UK, hollywood movie fashion brand “Tony Stark”, made their presentation to the event. They have presented a great venture for supporting charity program...

President of Superstar Art Foundation--May Liu presents her greetings and acknowledgement to all the guests that made their presentation at Superstar Cannes gala for the support. who also gave recognition of the outstanding contribution of the artists for their non profit endeavors. 2019 Superstar Contribution Award were issued to philanthropist Richard Nilson, hollywood movie brand "Tony Stark", Voice of Monaco--Alan Landry for their outstanding contributions on the charity program in form of art. Ms. Rachel Wang, the HK vice chairman of Superstar Art Foundation has presented the award to the stars at the Superstar Gala.

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