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2022 Superstar Award Gala New York Invitation

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Welcome to Superstar Award Gala 2022!
The most cool things you can do this December is to watch Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Plaza in New York!
Organizer:  Superstar Art Foundation
- Classic Prestige Monaco Association
- Americas Chamber for Business (ACB)
- Colorful Asia Museum
What do you expect?
-Meet Miss Economic World Top winners 2020-2022
- To network Celebrities and social influencers
-Watch wonderful show and performance from award winning artists.
- Witness and vote for Superstar Contribution Award 2022 winner
- A stage to showcase your artwork and talent for the award nomination
- A chance to win the lucky draw gift for your Christmas!
* All participant will receive a digital photo album of Superstar Gala event, and mysterious gift!
Event Name: Superstar Award Gala 
Date: Friday Dec.16th, 2022
Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm New York Time USA
Venue: 45 Rockefeller Plaza,  New York NY10111
Invitation: MEW winners, Former award winners with SAF, Media, VIP members, art investors, designers, celebrities, high net worth individuals, artists, investors, collectors. 
Estimate people: 100 people

Reserve Your Seats Now at: 

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