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2023 Superstar Awards Gala announced award winners in Cannes

05/22/2023, Superstar Awards Gala event was held successfully during Cannes Film Festival.

The Gala event organizer: May Liu, the president of Superstar Art Foundation, Imperial Art and Humanity Consul, she expressed her appreciation to the VIP guests, artists participants, sponsors and jury members. The event was hosted by Alan Landry, the Forbes entertainment award winner, the "Voice of Monaco". DJ: Grace William. supported by Zachary Miller, Alain Zirah, Anne Gomis.

Miss Economic World ambassadors and nominees has presented wonderful fashion show. Ambassadors Stephanie Roussel and MEW 2023 nominees made red carpet fashion show, nominees including: Jenaya Lee, Carletta Anna Barbara, Lara Serodio, Jade Inesbricard, Nina Deconinck, Orlane,

Dress Designer: Parisa official

Photographer: Lex Fontenay

Inviting Red Carpet Jury members: Queen Corazon Ugalde Yellen, Rachanna Jain (WOW Fashion Magazine), Tony Stark, Giovanna Salas (Heart of Hollywood Magazine) , Mr. Elegance France 2022 Pzscal Olivier Berthelot, and Mr Elegance France 2024 Logan Mione.

"Lost In 24" movie premier is also screened at the Superstar Award Gala 2023. The gala invited piano music composer for the movie: Miguel Serodio, director and lead cast May Liu to present the movie screening.

Superstar Award winners are selected t as followed:

Superstar Contribution Award winner: Daisuke Tarutani

Best Film Award winner: "The Way The Wind Goes Through" By Issey Tanaka

Best Red Carpet Style Award winner: Stephanie Roussel

Best New Artist Award winner: Jenaya Lee

Best Performance Award winner: Alan Landry

Best NFT Award winner: Alain Zirah

Ambassador & Jury Member Award winner:

- Tony Stark (Jury member)

- Lara Serodio (Miss Economic World 2023)

- Rachanna Jain (Jury member)

- Queen Corazon Ugalde Yellen (Jury member)

Special thanks to Media supporter: Heart of Hollywood, FAB UK, Daily Mail 24, Superstar TV888.

Classic Car sponsor: ,

Drink sponsor: Kopzo Vodka.

Superstar Awards Gala event Link:

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