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Anti Epidemic Donation 200 million with HUA Insurance

Superstar Art Foundation announces its joint donation with Huaxia Insurance a total value of 200 million yuan worth of anti-epidemic insurance to donate to Superstar Art Foundation for donar members, front-line medical staff and family members of patients. A total of 1,000 copies of RMB 200,000 insurance value each. Please follow us to forward to those in need, the deadline for collection is February 29, 2020.

Collection steps:

1. Scan the code and follow WeChat number and sign up with real name in Chinese

 2. Scan the code again to enter the page to collect Donation.

  3. Click on the wechat number to view or download the electronic Insurance policy.

4. The policy is granted in China only.

Superstar Art Foundation is a 501 (C) 0 3 non-profit organization certified by the US Revenue Service.


Cooperation contact:

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