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"Blooming Sisters" Dallas Movie Premier Invitation

We are thrilled to invite you to join our movie premier of "Blooming Sisters" in Dallas. Please find the details as followed:

"Blooming Sisters" Dallas Movie Premiere


3:00pm-5:00pm 7/20/2024

please arrive 10 minutes earlier

Venue: Fine Asian & Full Bar,

9144 Prestmont Pl, Ste 250, Frisco, TX 75035


  1. Movie screening

2. Casts and Director Q&A

Ticket: $10/person,

About the Movie:

This movie is contributed to all woman that grow up in adversity!

Cast: Richard Tyson, May Liu, Luo Yi Pan,

Director: May Liu

Production: Superstar Art Foundation

Language: English and Chinese subtitle

Length: 120 minutes 

Award Winners:

Best Original Screenplay in New York Movie Awards

Gold Award Screenplay at Hollywood Gold Awards

Gold Award Director in Milan Gold Awards International Film Festival

Gold Award Feature Film in London Movie Awards

Silver Award Feature Film in Florence International Film Awards

Best Original Narrative Feature in Hollywood on the Tiber Film Awards

Best Director/Actress Award in Oscar Viewing Luxury Gala

2018 Best Screenplay Award Winner at China US International Film Festival

Movie Trailer:

Much appreciation to our venue sponsor Fine Asian & Full Bar, Superstar Club VIP members please contact your representative for free admission ticket.

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Superstar Art Foundation

Inquiry Tel: 509-270-1687


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