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"Blooming Sisters" "Lost in 24" Movie Premiere Hosted in Cannes

Updated: May 29

Movie "Blooming Sisters" and "Lost in 24" has hosted its press release in Cannes on May 21st, 2024 at Gray d'Albian Hotel in Cannes, and on May 23rd 2024 in Hotel Majestic in Cannes. The press release screening was organized by West East International Film Production.

Director May Liu, has accepted media interview and give introduction of the movie to the audience. She said : "Blooming Sisters is my second directed movie, it is based on the true story happened 10 years ago, this movie is contributed to all woman who grow up through adversities."

Media producer Daisuke Tarutani, assistance producer Jason Chou, production team member Better Lai, Selina Han and Superstar Art Foundation members have joined the press release of movie screening.


電影《花開姐妹》和《迷失24》已於2024年5月21日在坎城格雷阿爾比安酒店和2024年5月23日分别在坎城大華酒店舉行記者會。 新聞发布会放映由東西國際電影製作公司舉辦。

導演May Liu接受了媒體採訪,向觀眾介紹了這部電影。 她說:“《花開姐妹》是我執導的第二部電影,根據10年前發生的真實故事改編,這部電影獻給所有在逆境中成長的女性。”

媒體製作人樽谷大助、助理製作人Jason Chou、製作組成員Betty Lai、Selina Han以及超星藝術基金會成員出席了電影放映的新聞發布會。

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