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Fund Raiser for HelpingWu Han

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Dear artists, entrepreneurs and philanthrophists:

The new coronavirus infection in Wuhan is getting serious, and every bit of it affects everyone. According to reports and official understandings, Wuhan and other affective cities has been closed, and local hospitals are seriously lacking in medical supplies, such as masks, eye masks, and protective clothing. As a registered public charity organization in the United States, Superstar Art Foundation hereby launches a proposal to assist Wuhan among artists, entrepreneurs and philanthrophists. We hope you can join our team and work with us to deliver love and positive energy.

We have conducted a very detailed investigation and arrangements, and have contacted the person in charge of the main hospital in Wuhan, and have made arrangements with them to receive medical supplies for disaster relief. In view of the reason that Wuhan has been closed, we have found a material receiving unit in the nearby city of Changsha. The receiving unit promised to send all medical supplies to the person in charge of the medical office of the main hospital in Wuhan immediately. We apply for special relief material transportation channels, and we make the greatest efforts to ensure that all materials will be delivered to the medical staff who are fighting on the front line as soon as possible. In addition, we also contacted a local medical device company in the United States, and a large number of N95 masks and protective clothing were booked at the wholesale price. It is estimated that the first batch of medical supplies will need to raise 15,000 US dollars. There is still a gap. We call on everyone to make a loving donation to our fellow citizens.

We are a 501 (c)03 non-profit organization certified by the US Taxation Office. During this donation, we can issue a receipt for your tax exemption certificate. At the same time, we will also announce the names and donations of all donors.

How to Donate?

Enter our official homepage:

Click the "DONATE" button at the top right of the homepage, fill in the donor information and purpose of donation

Donation Deadline: January 31, 2020


中国武汉新型冠状病毒感染肺炎疫情严重,点点滴滴都牵动着所有人的心。 据报道和多方面了解,武汉已经封城,当地医院严重缺乏医疗物资,如口罩,眼罩,防护服等。 超级明星艺术基金会作为美国注册社会公益组织特此向广大艺术家,企业家以及社会爱心人士发起援助武汉行动的倡议书。希望您也能加入我们的队伍,和我们一起来传递爱心和正能量。

我们已经做了很详尽的调查和安排,已经联系上了武汉主要医院的负责人,并和他们做好了接受救灾医用物资的对接工作安排。 鉴于武汉已经封城的原因,我们已经在附近城市长沙找到了物资接受单位,接受单位承诺将替我们把所有的医用物资用快递立即送到武汉主要医院的医务处负责人,同时有关部门正在给我们申请特殊救灾物资运输通道,最大力度的保证所有的物资会在第一时间送到战斗在前线的医务人员们的手上。此外我们也联系好了美国本地的医疗器械公司,并且批发价预定到了大量的N95的口罩以及防护服,预计第一批预定的医疗物资需要筹集1万5千美元, 目前还有缺口,经商量,我们号召大家一起来为我们的同胞们献爱心捐款。



进入官方主页 : 主页右上方点击 "DONATE" 键,填写捐款人资料及捐款用途。

捐款截至日期: 2020年1月31日

(photo source: BBC News)


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