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Happy Chinese New Year from Superstar Art Foundation!

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Happy Lunar New Year! Wishing you a prosperous, magnificent, and wonderful lunar year ahead, and may this year bring you happiness, wealth, longevity, and good fortune. Ms. May Liu, our president, has the following to say about it.

" Dear All,

In the moment of coming Lunar New Year 2022, on behalf of the Superstar Art Foundation, I would like to present my best wishes to our friends and partners who’s been supporting and care for us! I wish you all good health and success!

There was a time when we took blessings from others for granted, and sometimes threw the greeting emails into the trash. However, over the past two years, after experiencing the challenges of losing our family members, friends and careers, we have recognized the importance of family, friends and partner relationships, a better understanding of how to cherish each other the hard-won trust and support! Therefore, I sincerely and timely convey my blessing message to my friends who need to hear my voice.

In April 2019, I turned all my past pages, started from scratch, and established the Superstar Art Foundation with several volunteers. Dedicated to help artists to realize their dreams. Although I have worked in investment banking, based on my love for film and art, I have tried my best to support and help some film projects. These projects have now achieved a good reputation in the market. Of course, In the process of support and investment , I’ve learned a lot of experience as well as lessons. Like all newly established businesses, our Superstar Art Foundation faced many challenges at the beginning of its establishment. First of all, as a female leader, and an Asian minority, I often receive doubt, slander and attack secretly from some people that only have one purpose, they are afraid of us being strong, they do not want us to be successful.   However, there are more people choose to stand with us and choose to help us unconditionally, regardless of nationality and color, regardless of race and cultural differences, because they believe that the path we choose to help others is the right one!  Here I would like to say: Thank you to all of our directors and volunteers for your unconditional support!

We have grown to this day, going through the most severe challenge of the epidemic, our team and supporters have created miracles:

At the beginning of covid outbreak in 2019, we successfully raised donations and PPE through the Internet to support the anti-epidemic workers in Wuhan.

In 2020, we held the first worldwide online pageant "Miss Economic World", which received applicants from more than 100 countries and regions, for the first time we proposed the concept of "Cultural Olympics" and “Ambassador for the Economic World and non profit" in the pageant contest other than selecting beauties. Our winners have received much awareness among main stream media. We have also created Superstar Academy training class and fashion business to help young artists to grow their expertise and develop their career with us.

In 2021, the online "Superstar Contribution Award" award ceremony was successfully held, which extended the definition of Superstar to the non-profit contribution, we have received strong support from Grammy musicians and the American Chamber of Commerce, as well as support from many well-known media.

At the beginning of 2022 Tiger year, We have launched the first NFT "Roaring Tiger" artwork in big screen in Times Square NewYork, announcing the first issuance of the Superstar NFT Art Coin and the launch of the, officially open our metaverse world of non profit art!

We are gradually building up our influence, gaining more and more people's recognition and joining our family. We have accumulated nearly one million visits and fan groups on YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and our weekly show "MAY WE TALK" show interviews successful artists and philanthropists around the world to share their stories and experiences, hoping to influence everyone and inspire the business owners the core value of the business is to serve the society.

A few years ago, I was invited to Mandela Family Charity Gala in Monaco,  NDABA MANDELA shared with me his grandfather Nelson Mandela's lifelong struggle for freedom and democracy, and wrote me these words: "DREAM BIG, TOGETHER WE CAN DO ANYTHING". I deeply realize that as a pursuer of non profit career as a lifelong career, with the mission of "supporting the artist's dream" of the Foundation, it requires a broad mind, an extremely firm will and a spirit of perseverance, because I believe The path we choose, helping others to become successful is our greatest success!

A little background of my family origin and Han culture. My family root is the descendant of Liu Bang, The first Emperor of Han Dynasty back in 200 B.C. The Han Dynasties were one of the rare heyday in China history, and Chinese character was named after the word "Han". So wherever I am, I am proud of my surname my nation and our Han culture. Therefore, Superstar Art Foundation encourages artists to promote their local culture in any form of artistic creation, to be proud of who they are. 

If I use four Chinese characters to describe the future of the Superstar Art Foundation in 2022, it will be “shi bu ke dang” which means "unstoppable".

Finally, let us open the door to a new era of the Tiger Year 2022 with our NFT "Roaring Tiger" artworks, may "Roaring Tiger" guard your health, wealth and power, and bring you a new year full of opportunities, luck and vitality!

Best Regards, May Liu President/ Superstar Art Foundation


大家好! 在2022農曆新年到來之際,我僅代表超星藝術基金會向支持關心和愛護我們的朋友們和夥伴們致以節日祝福! 恭祝大家身體健康,萬事勝意!

曾几何時我們把對他人的祝福當作是一種客套的形式,甚至把別人的祝福郵件扔進了垃圾桶。然而, 在過去的兩年中,我們在經歷了失去了家人,朋友和事業的種種挑戰之后,我們對于家人,朋友以及夥伴關係有了更深的理解,更懂得了珍惜彼此,以及來之不易的信任和支持!因此我要將我的祝福真誠的及時的轉達給需要聼到我聲音的朋友。

2019年4月,我將自己所有的過往翻篇,從零開始,與幾位志願者一起成立了超星藝術基金會。致力于幫助藝術家實現他們的夢想。雖然我曾從事投行工作,但基於我對於電影以及藝術的熱愛,我儘自己所能支持並幫助過一些電影項目,這些項目現在都已經在市場上取得良好的口碑,當然我本人也在參與支持的過程中,學習到不少的經驗和教訓。像所有新成立的事業一樣,我們超星藝術基金會在成立之初也面臨了很多挑戰,首先是我作爲一名女性的領導者,而且是來自亞裔的少數族群,時常會收到來自外界的懷疑,暗地誹謗和攻擊,他們目的只有一個,他們害怕你的强大, 他們不希望你成功。但是,有更多的人選擇了認同我們,選擇了無條件的幫助我們,不論國籍和膚色,不論種族和文化的差異,因爲他們相信我們選擇幫助他人的道路是正確的。在這裏我要真誠地向他們道一聲: 謝謝!




2021年 成功舉辦了網絡“超星貢獻獎”頒獎典禮,將超星的定義延伸到公益貢獻的領域,並獲得格萊美音樂人以及美國商會的大力支持,以及衆多知名媒體的報道。

2022年初,超星基金會推出首款NFT“威虎”作品登陸紐約時代廣場, 宣告超星藝術幣首次發行以及超星博物館上綫,正式開啓公益藝術的元宇宙紀元!

我們正逐步建立我們的影響力,獲得越來越多的人認同並加入到我們的家庭,我們在YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK,INSTAGRAM纍計了近100萬訪問量和粉絲群,我們每周一期的 “MAY WE TALK”秀節目訪問全球成功藝術家和慈善家分享他們的故事和經驗,希望能夠影響每一個人以及企業的價值觀是服務于社會的理念。

記得我多年前在曼德拉家族的慈善晚會上,NDABA MANDELA 與我分享了他祖父納爾遜曼德拉為追求自由和民主而奮鬥畢生的經歷,並親筆為我寫下“DREAM BIG, TOGETHER WE CAN DO ANYTHING”。我深切體會到作为一個將公益事業作爲畢生事業的追求者, 要將“支持藝術家的夢想”作爲超星藝術基金會的使命,需要有寬廣的胸懷,無比堅定的意志和執著奮鬥的精神,因爲我相信我們選擇的道路,幫助他人獲得成功就是自己最大的成功!

在這裏我還要簡單地提及我的家族與漢文化的淵源, 我的家族是漢朝皇帝高祖劉邦的後代,歷史追溯到公元前200年,漢朝是中國歷史上爲數不多的鼎盛時期,並以“漢”字命名了中國的文字。 因此,無論我身處何方,我都驕傲與我的姓氏以及我們傳統的中國漢文化。因此,超星藝術基金會鼓勵藝術家們以任何形式的藝術創作來弘揚他們的本土文化,為他們的文化而自豪。而我堅信超星藝術基金會在2022年的運勢將以“勢不可擋”這四個漢字來形容。


MAY LIU President/Superstar Art Foundation"

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