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"Helping WuHan"1/24/2020-2/5/2020 Acknowledgement Letter

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Dear social carers:

      After two days of disaster relief, with the help of global philanthrophists, Superstar Art Foundation has joined the actual operation of assisting Wuhan and achieved gratifying results. Our volunteer team took the risk of being infected by the virus, put out continues efforts, delivered the necessary supplies to the epidemic area as soon as possible, we have supported more than 50 hospitals and doctors in need. On behalf of the Superstar Art Foundation, We would like to pay a high tribute to the sincere dedication of volunteers and the medical warriors who's fighting on the front line.

      By 2/7/2020, in this humanitarian aid fundraising operation of “Helping Wuhan” . We have raised a total of cash donation of RMB 53303 . Among which RMB 53303 for purchases. Donation of Goods including: 1,000 pcs masks, 150 sets of protective coverall, 2000 pcs intelligent food delivery robots.

      Special thanks to: Shanghai Rong En Industry Co., Ltd., World Celebrity Network, Beijing Weiheng (Shenzhen) Esq, RFC Intelligent Robot Industry Alliance, Smile Tomorrow Foundation, Jiang Qinyu, Lu Xia, Li Xiangyun and other caring people who provided Support in this humanitarian adventure.

     The namelist of all donors are disclosed below:


经过两周以来不分日夜的接力救灾,超级明星艺术基金会(SUPERSTAR ART FOUNDATION) 携手全球爱心人士加入了援助武汉的实际行动,并取得了可喜的成果,我们的志愿者团队冒着被病毒感染的生命危险,和夜以继日的努力,将所需物资第一时间送到了疫区,支援了50多家有需要的医院和医生。我们谨代表超级明星艺术基金会,对于真诚奉献的志愿者和战斗在一线的医护勇士们报以崇高的敬意。




We are a 501 (C) 0 3 non-profit organization certified by the US IRS. All donors supported this action will receive a donation certificate issued by SAF for your tax exemption purpose, all donars will be invited to join our annual "Super Star Contribution Award" event.

Welcome to visit our website for more information!

Superstar Art Foundation official website:

Donation Deadline: February 7th, 2020

Supervision Attorney: Kang Xiaoyue of Beijing Weiheng (Shenzhen) Esq

我们是美国税务局认证的501(C)0 3非盈利组织,此次支援武汉行动的所有捐赠者将得到我们开具的捐赠证书,凭证可申请免税证明,以及获得邀请参加我们年度“超星贡献奖”颁奖典礼。




监督人:北京市炜衡(深圳)律师事务所 康晓岳律师

Issued By: SuperstarArt Foundation

发布: 超星艺术基金会

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