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HRH May Liu's Greeting Speech at "One Earth One Family" Superstar Award Gala 2023 Dallas

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

In 11/19/2023, President of Superstar Art Foundation HRH May Liu has made greeting Speech at "One Earth One Family" Superstar Award Gala 2023 Dallas as followed:

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests, and distinguished members from my family,

It is truly an honor to stand before you today as we gather to celebrate the spirit of unity and diversity at the voice of "One Earth, One Family" event, the Family Office Forum, and the Superstar Award Gala. Today, we come together not just as individuals, but as a global family, bound by our shared humanity and a collective vision for a brighter future.

In Dallas, where tradition meets innovation, we extend our heartfelt congratulations on the founding of the Royal Han Palace. This magnificent establishment is going to be, not just a symbol of opulence but a testament to the rich cultural tapestry that weaves us all together. As the Royal Han Culture Family office manager, and the 73rd descendant of Royal Family Liu from Han Dynasty, it is my privilege to witness the fusion of heritage and modernity, creating a space where stories are told through architecture, cuisine, and the warmth of hospitality.

The "One Earth, One Family" event signifies our commitment to embracing the beauty of our differences and recognizing the common thread that unites us all. In this diverse gathering, we have the opportunity to learn from each other, to appreciate the unique colors and textures that each culture contributes to the grand mosaic of human civilization.

The Family Office Forum today serves as a platform for collaboration, where ideas are exchanged, partnerships are formed, and a shared vision for a prosperous future is cultivated. It is within these conversations that we discover the strength in unity, understanding that our collective efforts can truly make a positive impact on the world.

As we embark on the journey of the Superstar Awards Gala, let us take a moment to celebrate the individuals and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to fostering cultural understanding, preserving heritage, and promoting the values that bind us together as one global family. These superstars inspire us to reach beyond boundaries, to build bridges that connect hearts, and to create a legacy of unity that will resonate for generations to come.

Now, I want to thank those units and individual volunteers who have strongly supported this event, and will not succeed without you this event.

In closing, let us carry the spirit of today's festivities with us beyond these walls. May the Royal Han Palace stand not only as a symbol of elegance but as a beacon of inclusivity, where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate our shared humanity.

Thank you, and here's to a future where the ties that bind us are stronger than ever—a future where "One Earth, One Family" is not just a mantra but a lived reality.

Check "One Earth One Family" News Link as followed:

来自May Liu/超星艺术基金会總裁/皇家汉文化家族办公室的问候


今天,我们齐聚一堂,為“一个地球,一个家”共同發聲、我真的很荣幸能够站在你们面前,在家族办公室论坛和超星慈善颁奖晚会上共同庆祝团结和多元化的精神。 今天,我们不仅作为个人,而且作为一个全球大家庭聚集在一起,我们共同的人性和对更光明未来的集体愿景将我们联系在一起。

在传统与创新相遇的达拉斯,我们將見證全球首個皇家汉宫博物館項目的啓動。 这座宏伟的建筑不仅是富裕的象征,也是将我们编织在一起的丰富文化的见证。 作为皇家漢文化家族办公室经理,汉代刘氏第73代后裔,我很荣幸參與創造一個传统与现代融合,一个通过建筑、美食和温暖讲述故事的空间,將皇家漢文化的理念與全球分享。

“一个地球,一个家”之聲,标志着我们致力于拥抱差异之美,并认识到将我们所有人团结在一起的共同点。 在这个多元化的聚会中,我们有机会互相学习,欣赏每种文化为人类文明的宏伟马赛克贡献的独特色彩和纹理。

今天的家族办公室论坛是一个合作平台,在这里交流想法、建立伙伴关系并培育对繁荣未来的共同愿景。 正是在这些对话中,我们发现了团结的力量,认识到我们的集体努力可以真正对世界产生积极影响。

在我们踏上超星慈善颁奖典礼的征程之际,让我们花点时间,向那些在促进文化理解、保护遗产和弘扬,将我们作为一个全球大家庭联系在一起的价值观方面表现出杰出承诺的个人和组织表示祝贺。 这些超级巨星激励我们超越界限,架起沟通心灵的桥梁,并创造一个团结的遗产,让子孙后代产生共鸣。


最后,让我们带着今天的庆祝精神走出高墙。 愿皇室汉宫不仅是优雅的象征,更是包容的灯塔,让各界人士齐聚一堂,颂扬我们共同的人性,成爲我們子孫後代文明的福祉。



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