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Miss Economic World 2021 (Round A Top 10) Result

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that we have completed Miss Economic World 2021 online qualify voting (webpage vote and scores for the interview). Top 10 rankers are as followed by 30/06/2021:

1. Joy Ogeyingbo (Nigeria) 17113 2. Nikolina Milak (Croatia) 15187 3. Katarina Cvetkovic (Serbia) 2400

4. Mirjana Lazić (Croatia). 2181

5. ILoduba Amarachi (Nigeria). 1851

6. Ivana Savic (Serbia) 1450

7. Rimma Badun (Dubai) 993

8. Mina Kaia Skyler (USA) 928

9. Tatiana Cheplanova (Russia). 771

10. Victoria Jinanwa (Nigeria). 681

Congratulations to the above nominees!

They will be participating in our next session, we will be giving scores from our jury members. We will select the final winner base on the total score from social influence and economic contribution. The total score will be the sum of the following points:

(1 points/heart) (closed on 6/30/2021)

2. Invite for VIP membership registration at:

(200 points/member) (by 7/30/2021)

3. Donation Contribution to Superstar Art foundation:

4. Invite subscriber (1 point/subscriber), viewer (1 point/view) and good comment (2 points/comment) to Superstar TV at Youtube channel Miss Economic World Interview:

(by 7/30/2021)

5. We will make a collection video of All contestants with their modeling or talent show, for the contribution of : "Support Artists, Endorse Economy" from MEW2021. (200 points/submission) The submission or talent show is by 7/15/2021, the video will be released on 7/20/2021.

6. Jury Member Votes: (1-100 points/person * 10 )

The jury score collection will be closed on July 30th 2021.

Final Score will be announced on July 31st 2021.

For later news please follow us at:

Superstar Art Foundation


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1 Comment

Afuape Adeyemi
Afuape Adeyemi
Jul 29, 2021

Go Joy!

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