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Miss Economic World Trademark Registered in USA

We are excited to announce the registration of Miss Economic World trademark in USA.!

The official registration document is followed:

The trademark owner is Superstar Art Foundation non profit organization. The trademark is registered in CLASS 41 including following business:

Entertainment in the nature of beauty pageants; education services, namely, providing classes in the field of economics and beauty skills, namely, cosmetology,

hairdressing, and makeup application; education services in the nature of beauty arts

instruction, namely, providing instruction in the field of cosmetology, hairdressing,

makeup application; entertainment services in the nature of hosting social entertainment

events; entertainment services in the nature of live visual and audio performances,

namely, variety shows. FIRST USE 5-1-2019; IN COMMERCE 5-1-2019

The trademark logo design consists of a design consisting of the silhouette of the head and neck of a woman with a crown hovering above her head. The silhouette is superimposed on a

stylized rendition of the earth's continents and seas. The foregoing is enclosed within a

circular necklace design with a gemstone pendant hanging from the lower middle

portion of the necklace. The foregoing is enclosed within a stylized laurel wreath


What is Miss Economic World?

Miss Economic World is the first online pageant in the world since 2019, more than a pageant, it is a connection to the world influencers. It is a cultural Olympics among all countries. Giving recognition to Youth woman artists to endorse the world economy. Miss Economic World championship is organized by Superstar Art Foundation. Final award---"Miss Economic Award”: Gold Award, Silver Award and Copper Award. Final Score=Internet voting points+Jury voting points+Donation points.

Miss Economic Award Winners and Ambassadors:

Miss Economic Award 2022 winners: Rimma Badun, Lisseth Nava, Sabrina Tengler.

Miss Economic Award 2021 winners: Ivana Savic, Joy Ogeyingbo, Nikolina Milak.

Miss Economic Award 2020 winners: Myriam Adda, Jennifer Chirola, Precious Ogidi

Miss Economic World has been growing its influence around the world since founded. There are 500+ applicants from 100+ countries and regions participated the nomination, with global media exposure to 1,000,000+ readers, social network influence to 10,000,000+ followers.

(Miss Economic World supporting Ukraine philanthropic promotion in Cannes Film Festival 2022)

Seen on following medias:

2023 Miss Economic World is open for application Now!

Check the details and sign up your application Form at:

We are looking for global franchise partners to develop and expand MEW brand with us!

Contact us if you are interested to be our Global Franchise Partner!

Tel/Whatsapp: +1-509-270-1687

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