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Movie "Blooming Sisters" has completed filming

Updated: Feb 13

On February 5, 2024, the high-profile humanitarian movie "Blooming Sisters" was announced to be finalized amidst applause and laughter. This film is produced by the Superstar Art Foundation and created by a Chinese-American film and television production team, promising to bring a touching audio-visual feast to the audience.

"Blooming Sisters" is based on a real story in Hong Kong ten years ago. It tells the story of two women with very different personalities but similar sisters - Yang Xiaoxiao and Zhao Xiaoli, and how they support each other and bravely move forward when facing difficulties and challenges in life. The film explores multiple life themes such as friendship, family, and love through delicate emotional portrayal and a solid plot layout, immersing the audience into a world full of warmth and hope. The script of the film won the Best Screenplay Award at the 2018 US-China International Film Festival.

At the film's finalization ceremony, the director and starring actors expressed their deep feelings for the work and their expectations for its future release. Director May Liu said that "Blooming Sisters" is not only an entertainment work but also a reflection and understanding of life. He hopes that the audience can find resonance and feel the sincere emotions and human warmth contained in it while watching the movie.

The film boasts a strong starring cast, bringing together the most powerful and popular actors of the moment. The famous Hollywood actor Richard Tyson was invited to play the role of a Wall Street investor. The director and heroine were played by May Liu, the cover figure of Forbes New York and a Chinese-American female artist. She had previously served as the producer of 7 films. The film "Lost 24", which she created, directed, and starred in for the first time in 2023, has won Best Actress and Best Suspense Film, Best New Director Award, and 12 international awards at international film festivals, including the Rome International Film Festival, London Gold Awards, Milan Gold Awards, Hollywood Gold Awards, New York International Film Festival, etc. The role of Zhao Xiaoli is played by LuoYi Pan, the lead singer of JOMO band and a Chinese-American actress. The other main actors include Jerald Zhang, Tony Wang, Connie Cai, etc. They interpret the inner world of the characters through superb performances and present a touching story to the audience, a feast of acting skills. In addition, the theme music of this film was composed by the famous French composer Stéphane Kara, who has composed music for many hollywood movies, and the ending theme song "One Earth One Family" was composed by Anna Xiong, winner of the 2023 Super Star Award for Best Music Award. The dance creation is choreographed by American Liberty Ballet, winner of the 2022 Superstar Award for Best Performance.

It is reported that "Blooming Sisters" has entered the post-production stage and is expected to meet the audience in the near future. Please stay tuned, let us look forward to the touching and enlightenment this movie brings to us.


2024年2月5日,备受瞩目的公益电影《花开姐妹》在一片欢声笑语中宣告杀青。 这部影片由超星艺术基金会倾心出品,由美籍华裔影视制作团队潜心打造,预示着将为观众带来一场感动人心的视听盛宴。

《花开姐妹》以十年前香港真实故事为背景,讲述了两位性格迥异但情同姐妹的女性——杨晓晓和赵小丽,在面对生活困境和挑战时,如何相互扶持、勇敢前行的 感人故事。 影片深刻探讨了友情、家庭、爱情等多重人生主题,通过细腻的情感刻画和扎实的剧情铺陈,将观众带入了一个充满温暖和希望的世界。 该片剧本曾荣获2018年美中国际电影节最佳剧本奖。

在影片杀青慶祝仪式上,导演及主演们纷纷表达了对这部作品的深厚感情和对未来上映的期待。 导演刘蕴洁表示,《花开姐妹》不仅是一部娱乐作品,更是对生活的思考和感悟,希望观众在观影的过程中能够找到共鸣,感受其中蕴含的真挚情感和人性温暖。 该片主演阵容强大,汇聚了当下最具实力和人气的演员。 好莱坞著名演员理查德·泰森(Richard Tyson)应邀出演华尔街投资人一角,导演兼女主角由福布斯纽约封面人物、美籍华裔女艺术家刘蕴洁(May Liu)担任,她此前曾担任7部电影制 片人。 她于2023年首次创作执导并主演的电影”迷失24“曾在罗马国际电影节,伦敦金奖,米兰金奖,好莱坞金奖,纽约国际电影节等国际电影节中获得最佳女演员,最佳悬疑片 ,最佳新人导演奖等12个国际奖项。 赵小丽一角由JOMO乐队主唱、美籍华裔女演员潘络绎扮演,其他主要演员包括张中秋、王皓松、蔡康丽等,他们通过精湛的表演诠释角色的内心世界,为观众呈现一场感人至深的 演技盛宴。 此外,本片主题音乐由法国著名作曲家Stéphane Kara担任创作,他此前曾為电影《星球大战》作曲。片尾主题曲"一个地球一个家“由2023年度超星奖最佳音乐奖得主Anna Xiong创作。 舞蹈创作由2022年度超星奖最佳表演奖得主American Liberty Ballet担任编舞。 据悉,《花开姐妹》已进入后期制作阶段,预计将在不久的将来与观众见面。 敬请期待,让我们一同期待这部电影为我们带来的感动与启迪。

Article By: Superstar Art Foundation


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