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Movie Class is now open!

We are excited to announce the launch of our movie training class in Dallas at Superstar Academy!

Movie Training Certificate Class (5 sessions)

Supertar Academy Movie Training Class is a training program to help artist to learn professional knowledge and self improve. Movie Training Applicants will recieving our training certificate once complet the 5 classes training on the subject chosen.  Please specify the subject of class for purchase when you checkout for your order.  Once we recieved your order, our class representative will contact you via email to set up class schedule with you. 

1. Acting Skill Training:

Course name: Acting Skill training

Course objectives:

1. Cultivate students’ performance skills and improve their acting level;

2. Cultivate students’ self-confidence and stage performance;

3. Cultivate students’ teamwork and communication skills.

Class schedule:

Lesson One: Basic Acting Skills

Lesson 2: Characterization and Emotional Expression

Lesson 3: Stage Performance and Performance Techniques

Lesson 4: Performance Narration and Oral Expression

Lesson 5: Teamwork and Stage Performance

2. Movie Production & Appreciation:

Course Name: Film Production and Appreciation

Course objectives:

1. Understand the basic concepts and development history of film;

2. Learn the basic processes and techniques of film production;

3. Cultivate students’ ability to appreciate movies and critical thinking.

Class schedule:

Lesson 1: Basic concepts and development history of film

Lesson 2: Basic process of film production

Lesson 3: Film Shooting Practice

Lesson 4: Film Appreciation and Criticism

Lesson 5: Film Creation and Presentation

Time:  Sunday at 1:00pm central time.  Starting on Jan 7th, 2024.

Online and offline venue: Dallas

Age:   All ages, movie and acting lovers.  Language: English, Chinese

Price: $120/class (1 hour)          $500 for 5 classes with certificate

Benefits:  We will issue training certificate after the program and set up your profile for the future job opportunities. Talents will be recommended to job opportunities to perform or act in movie and shows. One to one live instruction to make sure you fully understand the class!

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