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News: Dallas Artshow Event 8/30/2022

One August 30th, Superstar Art Foundation has organized an Artshow & CEO networking event in Republic Center, Dallas.

The president of SAF--May Liu has hosted the event and shared her experience of recreation of the masterpiece paintings from great artists, including:

"The Lady with an Ermine" (original by: Da Vinci)

"Water Lily" (original by: Mone)

"Sunflower" (original by: Van Gogh)

"The Birth of Venus" (original by: Sandro Botticelli)

The event also announces the coming event of Superstar Award nomination, (we are accepting application until 09/30/2022), introducing how the foundation provide help to artist with its #nonprofit programs. Sign up at the link:

Special thanks to the support from: Jeannie Lewis , Dawn Keller, Natasha Fuller, Charles Johnson, and Regus staffs.

Dallas Artshow & CEO Networking event is hosted by Superstar Art Foundation on every last Tuesday of each month. We look forward to connecting with you in our next coming event!

Sign up to join our next Artshow 9/27/2022 event at:

Superstar Art Foundation


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