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News: Horasis China Meeting Las Vegas 10/28-29

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Horasis China Meeting made its successful trip to Las Vegas on Oct.28th-29th 2019, this event is co hosted by China Federation of Industrial Economics, Las Vegas Sands Corp. and US Chamber of Commerce. Horasis China Meeting Creats business economy talk between China and US, arise attention and support from China Embassy to US. Culture becomes important topic in this economy discussion. Superstar Art Foundation president May Liu has made presentation at culture panel: " Fostering Culture for Greatness", emphasising the importance of creating a culture of humanity in a business practice.

Cui Tian Kai--China Embassasor to U.S.

Rob Goldstein-President, Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Jeremie Waterman--President, China Center U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Frank Jurgen Richter- Chairman of Horasis Group

May Liu with Craig Allen, President of US China Business Council

May Liu with Andy Abboud, senior vice President of Sands Corp Las Vegas

May Liu With Helen Sawczak, CEO of Australia China Business Council

May Liu With Frank Jurgen Richter, chairman of Horasis group, and Brian Grim, President of Religious Freedom & Business Foundation

Culture Panel Group

May Liu with China Embassasor to US--Cui Tian Kai

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