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News: Miss Economic World 2022 Award Winners

We are excited to announce the award winners of Miss Economic World 2022 as followed::

Gold Award Winner: Ms. Rimma Badun (Ukraine)

Silver Award Winner: Ms. Lisseth Nava (USA)

Copper Award Winner: Ms. Sabrina Tengler ( Austria)

Their profiles are as followed:

(Final Score of the top 10 rankers of Miss Economic World 2022 as followed)

Final Top 10 Ambassadors of Miss Economic World 2022 are as followed:

Congratulations to Miss Economic World 2022 Award winners and Ambassadors!

The award winners will receive our cash bonus $100-$300, Award Title certificates, luxury product provided by our sponsors, superstar club member benefits, also will receive free admission ticket to join Superstar Award gala 2022 in NewYork. The top 10 ambassadors will receive certificates and $50 cash bonus, superstar club member benefits, eligible to join Superstar Award nominations.

The above ambassadors will help to promote our non profit missions for a year on behalf of Miss Economic World.

Support our plan to benefit more Ukrainian applicants, donate at link:

The goal of Miss Economic World is to select woman artist to be our ambassador to help with non profit mission in the Economic World. We are proud to have the participation of Miss Economic World ambassadors and nominees who volunteered to join our promotion of fund raising event of Helping Ukraine . The plan is to provide $100 grants for each Ukrainian refugee applicant for the food and shelter. By 9/20/2022 , we have issued our grants to help five Ukrainian families., we have also donated artwork and did media promotion during Cannes Film Festival, for the fund raising show of Helping Ukraine, We are looking forward to get more support to make our world better.

Learn more information of Miss Economic World in our official page:

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