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S.A.F President May Liu Presented Painting to HRH Prince Emmanuel Savoy in NewYork

Updated: Jan 12

On December 17th, 2022, president of Superstar Art Foundation May Liu was invited to join the charity gala for the purpose of "Chivalry for Children's causes", the charity gala was hosted by American Foundation of Savoy Order at University Club in New York.

Ms. May Liu has presented her oil painting--the portrait of "Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy" to HRH prince Emmanuel himself, and donated this painting to American Foundation of Savoy Order.

"It is a happy surprise to me!" said prince Emanuele. The donation was appreciated and accepted by the American Foundation of Savoy Order.

May Liu said: "It is my great honor and pleasure being able to join this charity event and give my contribution, as principal of non profit organization, I have the same mission of helping others to make our world better!"

At the gala event, a noble chivalry rank of Art & Humanity Consul issued from the Imperial Order of Culture and Peace was granted to May Liu for her art and non profit contribution.

Ms. May Liu ( ) is a painter and award winning film producer. She has accomplished a lot of achievements in paintings and film production. She has been doing painting for 10 years, and has made many recreations of world famous paintings and portraits of celebrities. She has published the book “May Liu 2021 Artwork Collection” on Amazon. Her NFT “Roaring Tiger 2022” was showcased in New York Time Square Disney screen, and was minted into the first NFT art coin. Her artworks are well recognized and collected by celebrities, royal families and museums. Her recent NFT artwork: Da Vinci was released at the opening ceremony of world first metaverse museum– in Rockefeller center, which has again caught the attention among the collectors. Learn more about her artwork at link:

Compared to her own artist career, May Liu has a bigger goal to help artists to achieve their dreams. As a female leader, she has organized non profit programs such as Miss Economic World, and Superstar Awards, encouraging young artists and acknowledging philanthropists for their contributions to the community. In the new year 2023, Ms. May Liu wishes more and more supporters will join her mission of helping artists to be successful.

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