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Rock It! 2023

Looking back on the year 2022, there are quite a few big things that affect us happened : The Winter Olympics was hosted in Beijing; The war happened between Russia and Ukraine; The queen Elizabeth who served her role in United Kingdom for 70 years left us; Elon Musk acquired Twitter; the world cup football game; the stock and crypto market have undergone huge shocks; The global The climate is accelerating warming; the epidemic that has troubled us for 3 years is still continuing. Despite all the challenges we have experienced in 2022, we pin our hopes on the upcoming 2023.

The good news is the earth is still spinning, we are still alive! Superstar Art Foundation is moving forward on its humanitarian path. In May of this year, the ambassadors of 2022 Miss Economic World held a fundraiser to support Ukraine at the Cannes Film Festival, providing assistance to Ukrainian refugee families affected by the war. Artists actively participated 2022 Superstar Awards. We have seen hundreds of works from more than 10 countries around the world, including the United States, France, Italy, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, India, and China, displayed in our meta verse museum . We have held the first Superstar Awards gala since the pandemic at the Rockefeller Center in New York, to celebrate the opening of the world's first meta verse museum SUPERSTARMUSEUM.COM and presented awards to the winner artists. Here, I would like to quote a part of my opening speech at the Superstar Awards Ceremony:

“Back in 2016, as a film producer during Cannes Film festival, I met Ndaba Mandela , the grandson of Nelson Mandela in his family charity gala in Monaco. I was inspired by the story of his grandfather, who spent his life time fighting for the freedom of his people, and I decided to seek for my dream of an artist, and help the dreams of others, that’s how I found the Superstar Art Foundation. I believe that helping others to become successful is the great success of myself. I believe if we are doing the right things, there will always be power behind us. And that’s what brought us here, is that we have the same vision of helping each other to make our world better.”

Because the earth is so small compared to the whole universe, and human life is so short compared to the life of the earth. In our limited lifetime as human beings, our mission is to take care of each other and make our earth a better place.

If the innovation and development of science and technology are not driven by humanity, it will become a terrible disaster. That is why the mission of Superstar Art Foundation is to spread humanitarian through art. We encourage artists to spread humanity through their art creation, also through their humanitarian behavior. That’s why Superstar Awards acknowledges givers, that’s why Superstar Museum showcases the world's best humanistic artistic creations.

In 2023, we will extend our cooperation with financial institutions, investors and technical companies, to improve our facilities and services, to provide support for our mission continuously, and help more artists to realize their dreams. Including but not limited to, the program of Superstar Museum & artist home, NFT and tokens financing, scholarships, grants, movie and show production to provide employment opportunities for artists.

We are looking for warriors to join our mission, Let’s rock it in 2023!

May Liu


Superstar Art Foundation


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