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Royal Han Palace Museum project in Dallas

Superstar Art Foundation announced its museum and gallery development plan in Dallas! The Royal Han Palace museum and gallery house developing plan was release at the "One Earth One Family" event & Superstar Award Gala Dallas on 11/19/2023.

The Royal Han Palace is under the management of family office, with a total investment of $5M. It is a world first royal han culture museum gallery house.

President of Superstar Art Foundation May Liu said: "Our goal is to build 100 sites of Royal Han Palace, to demonstrate the culture and heritage from great Han Dynasty and unique art collections from royal families worldwide. We are excited to make our first site to be in Dallas, a rising star city with variety of culture. We hope that all outstanding artists will have the opportunity to display their works in our Imperial Han Palace, and that everyone can experience the royal high art and tradition here. It is of great significance to launch our project during the "One Planet One Home" Voices event. because it will be a beacon for the unity of world culture and humanity . "

We are inviting donors, artists, investors, business owners to join this great mission and investment opportunity with us, together we can achieve bigger dream!

For inquiry of the project, please contact:

Tel: +1-509-270-1687

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