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SAF Shines at Cannes Film Festival with "Lost in 24" Movie Premiere and Superstar Awards Gala

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

[Cannes 5/22] - Superstar Art Foundation (SAF), a renowned organization

dedicated to promoting art and cultural heritage, captivated audiences at the

prestigious Cannes Film Festival with the highly anticipated premiere of their

humanity movie, "Lost in 24 " ; The movie director and president of SAF, HRH

May Liu ( ), as noble chivalry

of art and humanity consul, she was invited to participate in the film festival and

stole the limelight with her striking modern Han Style dress, becoming the

focus of media attention.

"Lost in 24" ( explores the suspense story of human trafficking through a captivating storyline, tight story structure and unexpected ending .

The film delves into the depths of human emotions, bringing to light the universal struggles and

triumphs that bind us together as a global community. The invitation to

premiere the movie at the renowned Cannes Film Festival was a testament to

its artistic brilliance and resonating themes.

During the festival, HRH May Liu, as the descendant of royal family from Han

Dynasty, ( ) she graced the red carpet, radiating elegance and grace in her

modern Han Style dress . Her unique fashion choice instantly caught the

attention of the media and fashion enthusiasts, sparking conversations about

the fusion of tradition and modernity in contemporary fashion. She Said: “I am

proud of the great culture heritage left from my ancestor, and I am honored to

present my fashion interpretation of Han Culture on the red carpet of Cannes

Film Festival, Thank you to my dress sponsor Superstar Collections Design,

and my hair stylist Paris Fashion Moods, and my jewelry designer Elke Berr


In addition to the movie premiere, Superstar Art Foundation hosted the

extravagant Superstar Award Gala on May 22nd, an event that brought together

industry professionals, artists, and celebrities in celebration of artistic

excellence. The gala served as a platform to honor exceptional talents, and

during the event, SAF selected Superstar Award winners and ambassadors of Miss

Economic World 2023 , further solidifying their commitment to recognizing

outstanding individuals who contribute to the world of art and culture. The Superstar Awards winners profile and artworks is showcased in the metaverse museum:

The Superstar Awards Gala was a night to remember, featuring captivating

performances, immersive art installations, and a vibrant ambiance that

epitomized the spirit of creativity. Attendees were enthralled by the fusion of

art, fashion, and entertainment, as the gala showcased the diverse artistic

expressions that the Superstar Art Foundation aims to promote.

"The Cannes Film Festival provided an incredible opportunity for Superstar Art

Foundation to showcase the voice of humanity through our movie "Lost in 24"; and celebrate artistic achievements through our Superstar Awards Gala"; said HRH May Liu, the president

of SAF "We are proud to have had the chance to engage with renowned

filmmakers, artists, and industry professionals, and we look forward to continuing

our mission of fostering artistic excellence and cultural preservation."

Superstar Art Foundation ( . presence at the Cannes Film Festival garnered

widespread acclaim and served as a testament to their commitment to

promoting art, culture, and humanity. With "Lost in 24" captivating audiences

and the Superstar Gala showcasing exceptional talent, SAF continues to

make a significant impact on the global art scene.

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Director Lee

Superstar Art Foundation


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