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Superstar Art Foundation accomplish its non profit mission in 75th Cannes Film Festival

In 75th Cannes film festival, May Liu, president of Superstar Art Foundation, has been invited to join the premier of film “Holy Spider”. May Liu is award winning screenwriter and film producer, (IMDB: nm10699373), she has participated the movie with box office over $100M, former jury member of film finance awards in Cannes. She thinks it is important for a filmmaker to produce more humanity movies and give more chance to young artists, She expressed her wish to join the competition of her own next movie in Cannes Film Festival as well.

(May Liu, An artist, film producer, and philanthropist presents her artwork for non profit mission during Film Festival, dress sponsored by: Superstar Collections Design)

During her visit to Cannes, May Liu has also presented her oil painting donation "Monaco F1" to the organizer on behalf of Superstar Art Foundation. With 10 years of oil painting experience, her painting "Roaring Tiger 2022" was minted to be the first NFT Artcoin that's launched in New York Times square LED screen in Jan 2022. Her painting e-book "2021 Artwork Collection" is published in amazon to supporting Superstar Art Foundation non profit program.

(May Liu with Miss Economic World in Cannes for the promotion of Helping Ukraine donation 2022)

(May Liu at Superstar Gala fashion show in Cannes 2022)

Superstar Art Foundation is a 501-c-3 non profit organization founded in Texas USA in 2019. With its mission of helping artist, it organized the world first online pageant in 2020-- Miss Economic World, it is to select ambassador from woman artists worldwide for non profit and promote world economy. During the 75th Cannes Film Festival, Miss Economic World has accomplished its non profit mission of fashion show to promote the donation for supporting Ukraine. The nonprofit program is to give grants to each Ukraine refugee applicant $100 for their food and shelter. (check donation detail at:

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